How Do Weeds Grow So Fast?

Why do weeds grow so fast? I think many people must have asked themselves that question. You’ve spent weeks trying to grow a simple plant… then boom, a fully grown weed popup in one day!

Well, it’s time to face facts. Weeds are annoying blighters, but they are plant and clever little monsters, for that matter. They grow so fast because they are quick to adapt to any condition and geographical location. So whether your garden is as dry as a bone or so boggy, weeds can still be able to thrive in whatever situation they are subjected to.

This article will dig deeper into reasons why weeds grow faster than desirable garden plants and what can be done to keep them under control:

Why Weeds Grow Better Than Cultivated Plants?

Why do weeds grow so fast

Weeds need sunlight, water, air, and space to grow, just like any other plant. However, dormant weed seeds seem to race out of the ground faster in the growing season than desirable plants. As soon as the temperatures rise, certain types of weeds sprout rigorously. Then, cultivated plants and grasses begin to grow a bit later, leading them to struggle to sprout because weeds have already taken over. Here are other reasons why weeds grow faster;

Some weed species have a notoriously short life cycle, lasting only 5 to 6 weeks. That means they’ll grow quickly from a seed to a fully flowering plant, and that is why they seem to grow overnight.

Weeds thrive in the local ecosystem because they are native plants. That helps them grow much faster than cultivated plants, which might be non-native.

Certain weeds often sprout from present seeds or already existing root systems in the soil. The dormant root systems contain lots of stored energy that accelerate growth when the season arrives (they wait for the right temperature and moisture conditions). Weeds that grow from root systems that have been alive for years are called perennials. Perennial weeds grow fast and are harder to kill than annual weeds, which grow from seeds every year. Typically, perennial roots contain lots of stored energy that help their shoots grow very quickly, making this kind of weed particularly difficult to control.

Dormant weeds in your yard have acclimated to the soil, while your store-bought seedlings may take time to adjust to soil conditions, thereby taking a little more time to germinate.

Can Weeds Really Grow Overnight?

Weeds can grow at night

When the condition is right, have enough water and warm weather, weeds can grow 1 to 2 inches in a day. You can go to bed with weeds under control one night and wake up the next day to flowering crops of weeds taking over the garden and making life difficult for plants you’d rather have.

The 2-inch growth may sound insignificant, but when the weed sends out a blade of leaves in every direction, the growth on each blade escalates from a minor nuisance into a major weed. Besides, weeds with short life cycles, such as chickweed, move from germination, flowering to seedling and dying in a month and half weeks. If you take your eyes off your lawn for a few weeks, you might be astonished to see just how much chickweed is bulling your plants.

How To Stop Fast Growing Weeds Naturally

Get Rid of Weeds naturally

It can be hard to stay on top of garden weeds. But that doesn’t mean controlling them is completely impossible.

The warm, wet weather is also ideal for desirable plants and most lawn grasses. If you manage to keep weeds under control when your plants are young, they’ll be able to take advantage of this perfect opportunity and grow strong and long enough to resist weed takeovers in the future. After this, it’ll become much easier to take care of the weeds problem. Here are a few tips to stop fast-growing weed naturally:

Use the old-school technique of grabbing them by the roots and pulling them out (You could also try a crabgrass removal tool). However, some weeds are tough and might require you to use a sharp tool like a knife to uproot them, ensuring they won’t grow back again.

  • Drowning weeds with BOILING water shrivel the root, ensuring that even the toughest weeds won’t survive.
  • A good landscaping fabric can smother underground weeds, making it hard for airborne weeds to flourish.
  • Planting thick, dense grass on your lawn will ensure the weeds have no space or resources to grow.
  • Eat them! In essence, you can use books and online recipes to make the most out of weeds in your garden, such as Dock, Dandelions, Chicory.