Will Boiling Water Kill Dandelions: Get Rid of Dandelions Fast

Dandelions are stubborn weeds that can be difficult to get rid of. They have large roots which grow deep into the earth. If you’ve ever tried to dig up a dandelion, you’ll know how hard this can be. When a piece of root is left in the ground, the dandelion plant will regrow—leaving gardeners frustrated.

Many homeowners turn to chemical fertilizers to eliminate weeds such as dandelions from their lawns. However, this may not be the best solution, especially if you have kids and pets playing in your yard.

If you’re constantly battling to kill dandelions and don’t want to use chemicals, you may be wondering if there’s an easier and more environmentally friendly solution. Let’s look at how to kill dandelions using boiling water.

Boiling Water Will Kill Dandelions

Boiling Water Kills Dandelions

Killing dandelions with boiling water is easier than trying to dig up their roots and is better for the environment than chemical herbicides. This simple method doesn’t take much time and is very straightforward. All you need to do is boil some boil using a stove-top or electric kettle.

Once the water has come to a boil, you can go outside and pour it onto the dandelions in your yard. Ensure you pour the water over the plant’s leaves and get enough on the ground surrounding the dandelion. This will allow the boiling water to reach the roots of the weed and will burn the section of the root that connects the root system with the plant. After about two or three hours, the dandelion will start to turn yellow and then will become brown. The plant leaves will also begin to curl up.

When the dandelion is burnt and has damaged roots, the leaves will no longer be able to soak up the sun’s nutrients. Damaged roots will mean the weed no longer has access to water and nutrients from the soil. This will cause the plant to die.

Once this has happened, you’ll be able to pull out the dandelion and can also dig up the root. This method is easier than digging up a dandelion that hasn’t had boiling water poured on it. The boiling water will kill the plant and weaken the roots making it easier to dig up and less likely to grow back.

The Benefits of Using Boiling Water to Kill Dandelions

Carrying water out like this is a bad idea. Instead, use a kettle or percolator that has a spout at the top.

Using boiling water to kill dandelions and other stubborn weeds such as crabgrass is beneficial as the water scolds the plant’s leaves. It will also damage the roots and kill any seeds that are lying dormant in the soil. You’ll find that using boiling water creates almost instant results. The hot water will quickly destroy the dandelion plant and damage the root tissue. This causes the plant instant shock, and it will quickly shrivel up and die.

Using boiling water is also a more environmentally friendly and non-toxic way of getting rid of hard-to-remove dandelions. Herbicides are often toxic and can get into the waterways and damage the condition of your soil if used too much. They also contain harmful chemicals which you don’t want to be touched by kids or animals.

Finally, boiling water is a much cheaper way to kill weeds. It’s an effective method of getting rid of stubborn weeds such as dandelions but can be used on all types of weeds and is also a great way to kill crabgrass (crabgrass removal tools).

You can also use boiling water to kill weeds growing in the cracks in paving, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Boiling water is an excellent way of getting rid of weeds that are growing in cracks and is much better than using herbicides. Boiling water doesn’t contain chemicals like herbicides do and therefore won’t leave any residue or damage your paving. Some herbicides have damaging long-term effects on concrete and can cause discoloration.

Boiling Water Doesn’t Care What it’s Killing

Boiling Water Damaged Grass

Boiling water is an indiscriminate killer, unlike herbicides that are formulated to kill specific plants.

While using boiling water to get rid of dandelions is an effective solution, there is also one major drawback. Obviously, boiling water will also kill your grass and any other plants that it comes into contact with. For this reason, you need to be very careful when using boiling water.

Only pour it on the dandelion leaves and then carefully pour it around the base of the plant. Don’t kill dandelions in this way if they are growing close to other plants. The boiling water can end up affecting the roots of other plants.

Conclusion:  Boiling Water Will Kill Dandelions

As you can see, using boiling water to get rid of dandelions and other stubborn weeds is very effective. You should, however, be careful when using this method as you don’t want to end up killing other plants or creating a patchy lawn.