Do Dragonflies Eat Mosquitos? A Guide to the Dragonflies Diet

Most people love the summer as it’s a time when the sun shines, and we can spend more time outside in our yards. While relaxing outside is nice, it can become unbearable if your yard is infested with mosquitoes. These insects bite and may even ruin your day by sending your family rushing inside to hide.  Dragonflies do eat mosquitos.  They can be bought online.  The key is creating an environment around the house that gets them to stay.

There are many ways to rid your yard of mosquitoes, such as using insect sprays or burning citronella candles. While these may deter mosquitoes for a while, most homeowners find they are not an effective method of mosquito control. One of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes is to attract dragonflies to your yard or buy dragonfly nymphs to add to your pond.

This article will look at ways to attract dragonflies to your yard so that you can avoid those nasty mosquito bites this summer.

Do dragonflies eat mosquitos?

Dragonfly Eating Mosquito

Dragonflies make a great addition to your yard as they look pretty and love to eat mosquitos. A single dragonfly can eat up to one hundred mosquitoes a day, so attracting these insects can help with mosquito infestation.

Adult dragonflies live between three and six months and are vicious predators. They are very agile flyers and feast on smaller insects. One of the main food sources for a dragonfly is mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to live and breed in hot, humid areas, often beside the water. This is also the preferred environment for a dragonfly to live in, so it makes sense that mosquitos are one of their primary food sources.

Are Dragonflies an effective form of mosquito control?

Dragonflies are very efficient hunters and prey on smaller insects. Mosquitoes are one of their main food sources, and they can eat up to a hundred a day. If you have a mosquito infestation making some small changes to your yard will allow you to attract dragonflies.

Here are some ways to attract dragonflies to your yard and get rid of mosquitos.

Create a Pond

How to Attract Dragonflies Naturally

Dragonflies live around water, so to attract them to your yard, you’ll need to build a pond or have a water feature installed. Dragonflies lay their eggs near water and, after hatching, the larvae, known as nymphs, live in the water for between one and four years, depending on the species.

When creating a water source, ensure your pond is at least two feet deep, as this is too deep for the larvae of mosquitoes to survive. Adding moving water such as a fountain will also deter mosquitoes. It’s a good idea to plant floating plants such as water lettuce or water hyacinths as dragonflies like to have something to land on.

Many homeowners decide that it will be a fun idea to stock their pond with fish. However, this may actually deter dragonflies as some fish eat them. Even if the fish don’t eat dragonflies, they are likely to stress them out, and you may find that the dragonflies leave your yard altogether.

Plant Plants that Attract Dragonflies

Use Meadow Shade to Attract Dragonflies

Dragonflies love meadow sage, so planting this lovely blue flower will attract the insect to your yard. You may also find that you’re able to attract butterflies as well. Meadow Sage is sometimes referred to as blue hill and is an attractive addition to any yard.

Another plant that dragonflies flock to is Black-eyed Susan. You’ll also be able to attract bees and butterflies with this striking plant. Black-eyed Susan’s grow well in various soil types and should be planted in full sun. They require regular watering and are found growing in many places across America.

Dragonflies are sun-loving insects, so if your yard is very shaded, it’s best to cut down or prune larger trees and shrubs to let the sun in. Pay particular attention to your pond to ensure it’s in a sunny area. Dragonflies get their energy from the sun’s warmth, especially when they are going through the metamorphous phase.


Dragonflies love to eat mosquitos, and these pests are one of their primary food sources. Dragonflies can eat up to one hundred mosquitoes a day, so it’s worth attracting them to your yard if you have a problem with mosquitoes. Adding a pond and planting the right types of plants will help attract dragonflies. You can also buy young dragonfly nymphs, which will grow and reproduce, creating a dragonfly population that will hopefully hang around your yard for years to come.