Can you grow a Century Plant in Arizona?

When most people think of the desert, they think of sand, cactus, and heat. But what about plants that can thrive in this harsh environment? One such plant is the Century Plant, which can be grown in Arizona. This article will answer the question, ‘can you grow a century plant in AZ?’ We’ll also give you some tips to help you successfully grow a thriving plant.

What is a century plant?

Does a Century Plant Grow in AZ

The Century Plant (Agave Americana) is a succulent that grows best in hot, arid climates. While it can grow in other environments, it only blooms about every 100 years when grown under perfect conditions. Besides being hardy to extreme temperatures, the Century Plant needs little water and is not picky about soil type. This makes it an ideal choice for the desert climate of Arizona.

Century Plants are monocarpic, meaning they bloom once in their lifetime, then die. The plant itself is evergreen and has green leaves for most of the year. It can grow up to 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The leaves are six feet long, and when the plant blooms, the flower grows on a spike that’s approximately 18 feet high. It takes at least 12 years for the Century Plant to mature and grow roots deep enough that this monocarpic event can occur.

If you’re interested in growing a Century Plant in your Arizona garden, be sure to provide a lot of space as they can become massive. Also, make sure to give it plenty of sun and water regularly. These plants are drought tolerant and easy to care for but shouldn’t be neglected entirely.

Century Plant: Arizona Care

Century Plant Care Arizona

If you are lucky enough to find a young Century Plant for sale in Arizona, be sure to pot it up in a fast-draining soil mix and place it in a sunny location. As the plant matures, it can be transplanted into the ground.

The century plant is very easy to care for and thrives in various soil types. Once established, it needs very little care. Here are some tips to help you grow and care for a healthy and beautiful Century Plant in Arizona:

Watering requirements

Water sparingly when the plant is dormant in winter and more frequently when the plant is growing in the spring and summer. As century plants are succulents, they don’t require much water and can store water in their fleshy leaves. These plants can survive a drought, but it’s best to provide your plant with water every week or two, depending on the climate and season.

Sunlight needs

The Century Plant requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight a day and likes to grow in the full sun. If you live in a warm area with longer summers, the plant will thrive. It can also be grown in partial shade.


The Century Plant is an excellent choice for landscaping in Arizona. The century plant can tolerate temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit but should be grown in warmer climates.


The Century Plant grows best in well-drained soils that are slightly sandy with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. It is drought tolerant but will not tolerate wet feet. If the water isn’t able to drain away, or if you’re overwatering your plant, it may suffer from root rot.


The century plant will get all the nutrients it requires from the soil and doesn’t need to be fertilized.



Despite the fact that the Century Plant only blooms once in its lifetime, it can live for many years in Arizona. Some plants have been known to survive for more than 100 years. Arizona gardeners interested in adding this unique plant to their garden should check with local nurseries to see if they sell them.