Wooden Fence Ideas: The Essential Guide

Who doesn’t like to get to their house and proudly look at their yards? It gives a sense of peace that’s hard to compare. And the installation of one of these wooden fence ideas might contribute to an elegant touch to your backyard (without missing out on the traditional style).

Wood suits different landscapes and is a versatile material. And adding something to mark boundaries in your space shouldn’t only be a practical choice: when planning it the right way, the addition of a wooden fence can become the focal point of your yard.

If you need some wooden fence ideas to increase the looks of your garden, read on! Here, you’ll get to know some of our favorite setups! You might be surprised to learn that there are hundreds of fence ideas out there: your task is to select one that suits your style and needs.

With this guide, we aim at making the job slightly less challenging for you!

Why Should You Use A Wooden Fence?

Wooden Fence Ideas

Before we get started, it might be interesting to delve a bit into why a wooden fence might be an excellent idea to enhance the looks of your garden while ensuring some privacy. To begin with, they are usually cheaper than other fence-type options.

Plus, you can use them to suit almost any style: wood is versatile and easy to contrast with other elements to make a statement with your decorative decisions.

Wooden Fence Ideas

While wood gives a sense of rustic, you can play around with the material to suit different styles. And it is now getting trendy again. Whether your goal is to increase privacy or make your yard more aesthetically pleasing, using wood will give you satisfying results.

Wood Panel Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas

One of the cheapest options to increase privacy on your property (and do it with style) is to install a wood panel fence.

Consider playing with the warm cedar tones and add horizontal slats to create a wooden fence wall to complement the aesthetic of your house. You can also spice up the solid wood fence with vertical black support rails: the contrast will be stunning!

You can choose among several options if you like how wood panel fences look! All you have to do is select the one that suits you best!

Varying-Width Wood Fence

To add extra elegance to your yard, you can try varying-width food fences. But beware: they tend to be more complex to design (and install) and will generally cost slightly more. The varying widths require accurate planning (and might take more time).

Play With Geometric Patterns

Alternatively, you should consider playing with geometric shapes and different shades of color to add depth to your fence and please the eye. If you plan to install the fence yourself, set aside some time: you’ll need it to organize the job and cut each board to get the desired angle.

One of the less challenging (yet aesthetic) designs is the Herringbone Style Wood Fence. It involves cutting the boards at a 45-degree angle and arranging them in a fishbone pattern.

Shadow Box Wood Fence

This type of fence provides your yard with enough privacy while allowing air to circulate: it is a classic design that involves placing boards on alternating sides to the posts and rails on both sides of the fence.

But don’t worry: it looks much more complicated to describe it than to put this design into practice.

Horizontal Fences

Horizontal wood fences are gaining traction. It is a way to increase variability and think differently about your garden. The good news is that you can unleash your creativity and choose the type of horizontal fence that suits your taste the best.

For instance, you can add metal accents to reduce the overall cost of the fence and make it more elegant and minimalist. Or you can try with back-to-front slats to create a double-sided pattern to enjoy. For an even better aesthetic result, consider combining your fence with the addition of hanging pots and plants.

Pallet Fence

Even if it sounds weird, adding a pallet fence might be the best option for your garden to keep animals in (or out) your property. This solution is slightly more functional than those we described and cheaper.

If you like DIY projects, you will enjoy building this type of wood fence. Plus, you might be able to get pallets for free and construct your border according to your needs.

Luxurious Tall Wood Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas

When we say “horizontal fence,” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the classic wood fence with boards arranged horizontally. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you like luxurious styles, you can choose thick reddish-brown panels and install them in a pattern that suits your taste. Alternatively, consider creating a black wood fence to add style to your outdoor space. It will look stunning, especially if you have plants around.

Minimalistic Fence

Minimalism is trendy. So what if you could make a horizontal fence that reflects this style? All you have to do is play with the geometry and the color of your panels and keep it simple.

For instance, you can use asymmetrical wooden slats of different widths and add an elegant touch to your property.

Rustic Fences

Wooden Fence Ideas

Rustic fences are an excellent way to create a visual and aesthetic effect that will make you enjoy the time you spend in your garden. You can use asymmetrical heights of your boards or add raw wood to give your yard a countryside look.

Another way to recreate the rustic effect (and save some money in the process) is to use old pieces of wood and repurpose boards lingering about your garden (and combine them as you wish).

Unrefined wood might also be an option: it offers a traditional vibe and has a more natural look, perfect to create a rustic setting. Be creative: consider painting your fence with pastel colors if you like the idea!

Wooden Fence Ideas: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of wooden fence ideas you can apply to your yard. It all depends on your choices and preferences (and how much you are willing to spend in time, money, and effort).

With this essential guide, you should now have a better idea of what you could do in your garden. Don’t forget to be creative: use the wood fence ideas we included here as your guideline to develop something unique for your yard. You’ll also need to consider what type of fence gate to use. 

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