Can You Put up a Fence in Winter?


Are you looking to put up a fence around your home or land? Perhaps you’re eager to put up your fence but are wondering whether it would be better to wait until the Spring when the weather gets better? This article will help you to decide whether to put your fence up in winter.


Putting a Fence up in Winter

Most people feel that they have to wait until the weather gets better to put up their fence, but in reality, fences can be installed in winter. Putting up a fence in winter may take a bit more planning but can be done.

There are many things that you should consider before putting up a fence in winter. The main things to think about are what the weather is like in your area and how you are going to get the job done. Are you planning to put it up yourself, or will you employ a fence installation company to do the job?


DIY Fencing

If you’re planning to put up a fence yourself, you may be better to wait until the weather is better. It can be very tiring to put up a fence, especially if the ground is hard and frozen or covered in snow. You’ll also need proper tools to erect the new fence correctly, and without them, you’ll end up working a lot harder than you need to. Or you could end up seriously injuring yourself.

Unless you live in a state with relatively mild winters, it’s probably best to wait until the weather gets better before you attempt to put up your fence. If you do decide to wait until Spring you’ll need to wait until any waterlogged land has dried out before trying to put up a fence.


Fence installation Company

If you’re planning to employ someone to install a new fence, look for a professional fencing company that will be able to work in the winter months. They will have the correct tools to break through the frozen ground.

Fencing contractors will continue to work in the winter, but many people don’t realize this and think that they should wait until Spring to enquire about a new fence. It’s, therefore, possible to get your fence put up in less time during the winter. This does, however, depend on which state you live in and what the weather is like. If there’s recently been heavy snowfall, its likely that you’ll have to wait until it melts.

At some times of the year, it’s likely to be too cold for fence installation and for workers to be outside. It’s unlikely that you’ll find someone to install your fence if there’s lots of snow that needs to be shoveled out of the way first.

Fencing contractors can use a jackhammer, which helps them to install fencing even if the ground is frozen. They will then be able to install the posts with concrete and can add an additive that stops the concrete from freezing before it sets.



It is possible to put up a fence in winter, but it’s not recommended if you plan to do it yourself. Only attempt this job if you know exactly what you are doing and have the correct tools, otherwise its likely that you’ll end up exhausted or maybe even injured.

If you plan to employ a fencing contractor, a fence installation may be possible in winter, depending on the weather conditions. Spring is often the busy season for fencing contractors, so if you wait until the ground has thawed, you’ll likely end up waiting longer for the installation to take place.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to inquire about fence installation in winter rather than wait until the Spring. The contractor will be able to tell you if your fence can be installed.