Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

You’ve just bought your new Kubota zero turn mower and can’t wait to try it out. If nothing happens when your turn your lawnmower on, don’t panic! If your zero turn doesn’t start when you first try, there’s a very good chance there may be a simple problem with the fuel system. The most common cause for this issue is an empty gas tank, a dead or weak battery, or a connection issue. This may seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly common to run out of gas.

If you’ve had your mower a while, wear and tear of components is the likely cause of problems. There may be issues with the blades, tires, fuel line, or valves. General wear and tear can affect many components on a Kubota Zero Turn mower. Let’s look at some of the most common lawn mower problems and how to solve them.

Common Issues with the Kubota Zero Turn Mower

Kubota Mower Problems

Here are some common problems with the Kubota zero turn mower. If you’re having issues with your lawnmower and are unsure what the problem is, you may need to seek professional help. Starting problems are caused by wear and tear, which over time will create a connection issue. You may be able to resolve the problem by cleaning the lawnmowers terminals. Fuel line problems such as dissolved parts can also cause issues when starting your lawnmower.

Lawnmower blade problems

If your Kubota isn’t cutting correctly, it’s an indication that one or both blades have become loose and need retightening. The most common reason for this problem is wear and tear over time. For some reason, something on the inside of the deck gradually wears. This can cause the blade to become unsecured and allow it to move around freely, preventing it from spinning correctly. Ensure that the blades are tightened if you’re having problems starting your mower or getting a rough cut.

If you’re able to mow your lawn but are getting a rough or streaky look, likely, the blades aren’t sharp enough. Sharpening your blades regularly will give you a nice, even finish.

Tire problems

Issues with the tires can cause other problems with Kubota zero turn mowers. Since these machines are equipped with very large tires (to give them enough traction), they could potentially run into various types of obstacles such as rocks, stumps, etc., which may cause damage to one or more tires. If you notice uneven wear on your Kubota zero turn mower’s tire(s), then it’s probably time for a replacement. You should also ensure that the tire pressure is even on your lawnmower.

Stiff Handles

Some people find that in time the handlebar becomes stiff and hard to use. This is often a problem for senior citizens. Try loosening the bolts slightly or adding some lubrication to solve this problem.

Transmission Problema

Many people have reported problems with the Kubota zero-turn hydraulic transmission. Fluid leakage issues are common, and some owners have even complained of fluid being blown out through vents or through the filler cap. This is most likely to be caused by loose fittings.


Overheating is common on the Kubota zero turn mower, and a blocked filter most likely causes this. The filter catches grass and dust while mowing and needs to be kept clean. To avoid issues with overheating, check the filter regularly. If you do nothing to solve overheating, it’s likely that your radiators will become damaged. So, it’s best to take action as soon as you notice a problem.


Kubota is a great company that has years of experience manufacturing high quality machines. The Kubota zero turn mower has a reputation for being durable and long lasting and rarely has problems. It’s easy to use and does the job well. However, like all lawnmowers, your Kabuto is likely to suffer from wear and tear over time.

Many people find that their lawnmower is affected by one or more of the above issues at some point. Most problems are easy to fix; if you are unsure how to maintain your mower, you should seek the help of a professional. Overall, the Kubota zero turn mower is a good quality machine.

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