Spartan Mower Common Problems

Spartan Mowers are powerful and designed with modern technology, machine-like efficiency, and ease of use in mind. These lawnmowers are designed and manufactured in the USA and look stylish.  It is relatively trouble-free, but here are the most common problems with the spartan mower.

The only problem is that some buyers aren’t satisfied with the spartan mower due to certain issues. Let’s look at some of the most common problems with this lawnmower brand to help buyers understand some of the difficulties they may face before making a purchase.

Spartan Mower Common Problems

1. Noise Issues

One of the main selling points of Spartan Mower is that it runs quietly. Although it has proper noise insulation, the blade sometimes creates noise. This may be due to some defective units which need servicing or replacement.

Noises can be caused when the blade has started to come loose, and tightening the blade will solve the problem. Unusual noises can also mean that the bearings have worn out. Don’t continue to use your mower if it’s making odd noises, as it could be dangerous. Get a professional mechanic to have a look at your mower.

2. Uneven Cut

Another common problem with Spartan mowers is that you may have an uneven cut when mowing your lawn. This is most likely to happen if the blades are dull. If your mowers leaving streaks, the first thing you should do is sharpen the blades.

You can also clean the deck to ensure there isn’t any debris. It’s also worth checking the tire pressure to ensure they are both even. If one of the tires is slightly higher, this will cause an uneven cut.

3. Expensive Replacement Parts

Due to its sturdy construction, replacing parts is more expensive since only specific replacement parts can be used. You may like to consider this when choosing a lawnmower.

4. Hard to Maneuver Around Obstacles

The Spartan Mower can be challenging to maneuver around obstacles, such as tree roots and flowerbeds, especially when cutting at an elevation. The mower’s wheels can sometimes get caught on objects like tree roots.

5. Starting problems

Some people have had problems starting their spartan lawnmowers. How well a lawnmower starts depends on the age and condition of several components and their connections.

Starting problems are very common in lawnmowers and can be caused by various things, such as bad wiring, or a dirty spark plug, a blocked air filter, or old gas.

Troubleshooting a Spartan Mower

Spartan Mower Troubleshooting

If you’re having problems starting your Spartan mower, the first thing you should do is replace the gas in your lawnmower and clean the deck. Use new gas; never keep gas from last season. Check that there isn’t any debris around the blades. Debris can cause corrosion which may cause problems for your lawnmower. Here are some other troubleshooting tips:

Check the air filter

Check that your lawnmower’s air filter isn’t clogged, as this could cause the fuel to burn less efficiently and may cause problems when starting your mower. When it comes to maintaining the mower, many people only check and change the oil and spark plugs. They often forget about checking the air filter!

Clean the spark plug

Clean off debris that surrounds the spark plug. Then re-connect the spark plug and ensure it’s tight before testing your lawnmower.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter may be causing problems with starting your lawnmower and could need to be replaced. If you’re unsure how to replace any of the components in your lawnmower, you should take it to the repair shop.

If it does not solve the problem, clean or replace the dirty air filter. Lastly, make sure the fuel is reaching the engine. You can start by tapping the side of the carburetor to ensure the flow of the gas.


Spartan Mowers have the potential to be an excellent machine.  There are a few common problem areas, but they aren’t much better or worse than other top tier mowers. The main issues are that sometimes the mower won’t start. This is generally caused by worn-out components, tire pressure, or debris under the deck. These problems can be easily fixed. Another common issue is problems with the cut. Keeping your deck clean and the tires pumped up with the same pressure in each will allow you to achieve a good cut that doesn’t look streaky.


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