Bad Boy Mower Common Problems

In this article, we look at some of the common problems on a Bad Boy Mower and ways to troubleshoot them.

If you’re already using a Bad Boy lawnmower, you must have noticed how distinct it is from other mowers. Over the year, the Bad Boy brand has built a reputation for manufacturing some of the best heavy-duty lawn mowers in the market. They deliver the finest cuts, have a powerful horsepower engine, and guarantee lasting performance.

However, like any other lawnmower, the Bad Boy lawn mower also has some common faults that often start with the starter, mowing deck, and transaxle. Most of these issues occur due to wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance, and sometimes wrong usage.


Alignment problem

Bad Boy Mower Common Problems

You know your mower has an alignment problem when it pulls to the sides and derails from the original mowing track as you mow. This problem is often caused by a malfunctioning dampener (shock absorbers) on one side, some tires having better grip than others, or they have poor adjustments.

If the alignment problem isn’t a result of a transaxle defect or severe mechanical problem, you can fix it by:

Checking wheel pressure- If the tires on one side of your Bad Boy mower are underinflated, your mower will lean toward that side. To solve that problem, ensure all your mower tires have the recommended PSI.

Addressing hydraulic issues- Check for oil leaks around the various parts of the mower’s transaxle. Should there be any, it might be a sign you need a new seal kit to stop the leaks.

Deck Vibrations

Bad Boy Mower Deck Vibrating

After mowing for hundreds of hours, your Bad Boy mower may start shaking when you start or run it. The vibrations may be caused by missing screws on the lock collars and pulleys. Another reason is the spindle key wearing out.

To fix this problem, check the rear of the pulley and tighten the belt adjustment. You may also want to check and replace the missing screws, spindle, and bearings.

If doing all that doesn’t work, check the mower’s blades and ensure they’re balanced, especially if you’ve installed new blades under the deck.

Failure to Start

Failure to start is one of the most common Bad Boy mower problems.  Your Bad Boy mower may fail to start due to several reasons. It could be bad connections, blocked air filters, fuel pump problems, drained or bad battery, etc.

  • To troubleshoot this issue, you need to do the following:
  • Ensure all visible wires are properly connected
  • Check battery connection and that it isn’t charging slowly.  Here’s more on troubleshooting the battery.
  • Check your fuel and ensure there’s no water present in the fuel tank. You shouldn’t also use fuel that is old (over a month old)
  • Clean the air filter if it’s dirty. A clogged air filter makes it difficult to draw air into the engine.
  • Check the spark plug condition and if its wire is correctly attached.
  • Observe the correct mower starting procedures.


Transaxle Problems

Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

The transaxle is one of the most critical parts of the mower. It transmits power from the Bad Boy mower engine to the wheels. Should it malfunction, the mower won’t move properly.

Many of the lower-end Bad Boy mowers have a transaxle that is NOT USER-SERVICEABLE.  It is called a “lifetime” transmission.  The user can’t service it, and that it’s supposed to last the lifetime of the mower.

Problems with the transaxle may be due to leaking hydraulic fluids, or the charge pump/ hydro system might be damaged or defective.

If you encounter this challenge, the best solution is to install new seal kits to fix the leak. However, if the hydro system is defective, you need to call a mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Electric Deck Lift Issues

You may experience problems with your Bad Boy mower when the actuator fails to lower or lift the mower deck correctly. That can be caused by the failure of the mower shaft to screw in and out, even when the actuator is spinning. The screw shaft sleeve could also be too rusty.

To solve the electric deck problem, unscrew the actuator and check if its housing is moist and whether it’s properly sealed. If the housing is poorly sealed, apply a sealant gasket and confirm if it starts to work again.

If the problem is rust on the screw shaft sleeve, clean it up instantly and smear grease on it. At that point, your mower deck should begin moving up and down correctly.

Defective Spindles

Bad Boy Mower Spindle Problems

Spindles are a critical part of the cutting deck where the blades are located. Their work is to ensure the blades are spinning properly. When the spindles of your Bad Boy mower are faulty, the blades will spin unevenly and subsequently lead to uneven cuts.

To know if your lawnmower spindles aren’t working as they should, watch out for the following indications:

  • Slow heating: if the spindle heats up after more than half an hour of use, the issue could be spindle preload.
  • Damaged or bent spindles: if the spindle is visibly damaged or bent, resulting in an uneven spinning of blades, you need to replace it.
  • Low vibration sounds: the bearings in the spindle can also cause low buzzing noises if they are worn out.
  • Squealing sounds: if your mower makes squealing sounds as you move, the spindle is likely damaged, or their bearings are worn out.

To address this problem, remove, repair, and reinstall the spindles. You may also want to buy and install new spindles. If spindle bearings are worn out, replace them also.

The Takeaway

Despite the aforementioned Bad Boy mower common problems, it remains one of the most reliable Zero Turn mowers. As long as you learn how to diagnose the issues, finding solutions should be fast and easy.

However, if you’re unable to fix a problem, you should know that The Bad Boy brand provides a comprehensive warranty that includes the free replacement and repair of defective mower parts for two years from the time of purchase. Feel free to call them or a technician whenever you need a helping hand!

Images courtesy of Noel Barlau, YouTube.