Avocado Tree Cost: Price by Seedling, Sapling, and Tree

The price of an avocado tree varies widely depending on the size of the tree. If you want to buy an avocado tree to grow fruit for your family, you should invest in a larger tree. Those on a budget can try growing an avocado from the stone of a fruit.

Smaller avocado trees are generally reasonably affordable but take a while to grow and fruit. Avocados are beautiful trees that are grown in warm climates worldwide. They can also be kept as a houseplant but will likely remain small and won’t fruit indoors. Let’s look at how much an avocado tree is likely to cost based on its size.

The Average cost of an Avocado tree

Avocado Tree Cost

Small Trees

Small trees avocado trees are reasonably cheap and cost less than choosing a larger tree. However, it may be years before they mature enough to fruit. Small avocado trees are sold in nurseries across the states in containers between one and five gallons.

Small avocado plants growing in a one-gallon container are likely to cost about $20. Larger trees up to five gallons will be priced between $25 and $50. Many homeowners and gardeners like to buy smaller avocado trees as they are easier to handle and plant. You may have to wait a while for the tree to mature and fruit, but the plants are cheaper and do grow relatively quickly in the correct climate and with the right care.

Large Trees

Large avocado trees come in containers of about fifteen gallons and are likely to fruit in the following growing season after they are planted.

You may also come across large trees planted in 24-inch wood boxes. These types of trees generally cost anywhere between $60 and $130 depending on the quality of the tree and where you buy it from.

Avacado trees can be purchased online or from local plant stores or nurseries. Most retail outlets sell large avocado trees in fifteen-gallon containers for approximately four times the price they are charging for a small five-gallon tree. When ordering online, you’ll also need to remember that shipping charges will be added to the price, and these can be pretty steep for larger trees.

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Alternative:  Grow your own avocado tree

Grow Avocado
Growing an Avocado from a seed can cost less than $1. But, it takes WAY MORE TIME

If you’re on a budget, you can also grow your own avocado using the stone from a supermarket-bought fruit. You can use cocktail sticks to suspend the stone above a glass of water. Then put the glass in a plastic bag and leave it in a sunny spot. This helps to create the desired temperature and humidity to encourage roots to grow from the base of the stone. Once the roots have started to grow, you can plant the avocado in soil.

Avocado trees grown in this way look lovely and make excellent house plants. You can also plant the tree outdoors in your yard once it gets big enough. You’ll need plenty of patience to grow an avocado tree in this way, but once it reaches maturity, it will fruit.  You can use this guide for planting a succulent in a glass container.  It’s applicable to an avocado tree.


Avocado trees are available in various sizes, and the price of the tree reflects the size. You’ll find that trees are sold in either one, five, or fifteen-gallon containers and that prices vary between $20 and $130.  A cheaper alternative would be to grow an avocado tree yourself from a stone.

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