Hanging Plants that Look Beautiful and Attract Birds

Looking to attract birds with hanging baskets that they’ll enjoy and that’ll beautify your yard or patio? You’ll love these!

Birds aren’t just beautiful, they also add a sense of life and liveliness to your yard or patio. Many people plant flowering plants in the hopes that birds will come and enjoy them while feeding on insects nearby. This is particularly true for hanging baskets because you can hang it right outside your window where you can watch them, or near your patio where you can enjoy their company.

Once you’ve hung up a flowering basket for the birds to enjoy, what kind should you get? We’ll help you make that decision thanks to our handy list! You won’t regret it!

The following are five of the best hanging plants out there for attracting and providing food for birds while also providing beautiful flowers for you to enjoy.

Large Sunflowers

Hanging Baskets that Attract Birds

No one can deny that sunflowers are amazing plants, and the larger ones attract a ton of attention from butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. They’re easy to grow in hanging baskets because they don’t require too much work or upkeep either! Just remember to keep them in the sunlight and feed it occasionally.


These bright, beautiful flowers that also attract butterflies are easy to grow and do well in hanging baskets because they don’t require too much care when you’re out of town or just busy with work around the house. They need water every so often, but otherwise you can simply set them and forget about it!


hanging basket to attract birds

Everyone knows that petunias are beautiful flowers that attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds. They’re also very sturdy once they’ve taken root which means they’ll hold up well in your hanging basket no matter how much the wind blows or if other plants lean against them.

Scarlet Runner Beans

Another beautiful plant that also helps your flowers and plants climb is the scarlet runner bean. It’s a climbing vine which means it’ll help other plants grow up from being on the ground, but at the same time you can set them in hanging baskets to enjoy their bright red pods throughout summer. They do need plenty of water, but other than that they’re easy to grow.


marigold hanging basket

Yet another bright flower with a ton of color are marigolds which also help keep pests away from your plants! You can use them in hanging baskets or on the ground because their roots go deep into the soil and actually release substances that inhibit weed growth nearby.

Other Ways to Attract Birds

Birds in bird bath

Here are five great ways to attract birds (outside of flowering hanging plant baskets). If you follow these, you’ll be sure to attract them to your yard.

1. Plant a Tree or Shrub

As the sun rises, birds flock to trees and shrubs for their morning meal. Planting a tree or shrub is one of the best ways to attract different types of birds to your yard. You can plant a live hedge or shrub, or you can use cuttings if you want variety.

A great choice is an evergreen. They’re available in hundreds of varieties and provide year-round shelter for birds.

2. Install a Birdbath

Having a birdbath in your yard will not only provide drinking water for birds but also encourage more of them to nest nearby. Keep the bath filled with fresh water at all times, and add a few stones or pieces of bark for perches. This way, the birds will have a place to cool down on hot days while getting their drink on! You can also make an artificial pond by digging a shallow hole in the ground and lining it with waterproof material.

3. Provide Hiding Places

Birds need someplace safe to hide from predators every once in a while! If you build some covered areas in your yard–such as little sheds or tunnels–it’ll allow birds to feel secure enough to raise their families there. The more cover you have, the more birds will flock to your yard.

4. Have a Mix of Shrubs and Ground Cover

Birds love shrubs because they provide food and shelter from predators. And they love ground cover because it provides insects for them to feast on! Having a mix of both is great for attracting a variety of species. You can also add tall plants along the border of your yard so that birds have a place to perch while they survey your property.

5. Leave Dead Trees Standing

If you chop down all your dead trees in order to get rid of old nesting spots, you’ll end up killing off local bird populations! That’s because one single nest may be home an entire family–the male and female parents and their chicks. If you chop down the tree in which they live, all of them will die. So always leave dead trees standing so that birds have a place to raise their families.


These are just five of the best hanging plant baskets to attract birds while also providing beautiful flowers. There are lots more out there, but these will help get you started!

One thing that should be noted is that if you want your plants to last through summer and into autumn where insects can still feed on them before migrating for winter, make sure to plant them in the springtime.

It’s also important to note that if you want your birds to keep coming back, make sure to provide plenty of water for them too! You can set out a birdbath or fill up one container with water and refill it every day so they always have something fresh and clean to drink from.

If you do hang a basket (not to be gross here) you may want to check out our guide to keeping a bird from pooping on a deck.