The Best Time of Year to Plant Grass in Colorado (All Factors)

Depending on where you live in Colorado, the best time of year to plant grass seed in Colorado is going to change a bit.  With warmer weather comes all of the fun outdoor activities that we’ve been looking forward to.  Coloradans are always ready for the nice weather, and that’s why finding out when is the best time of year to plant grass seed is important.

In Colorado, there are two planting seasons: spring and fall. In Denver, seeding can begin as early as March 1st depending on the weather and the type of seed you choose.  Many homeowners opt for early seeding, and then overseed their lawn when the temperatures cool off in October or November. Other ways to extend your grass’s growing season is to over-seed your yard with a winter rye during late summer or early fall. This will help protect it from harsh winter weather.

The following are the average last spring frost and first fall frost dates for different cities in Colorado:

Colorado Grass Frost Dates

 Last Spring Frost Date/First Fall Frost Date

  • Aurora 4/30 10/5
  • Aspen 5/19 9/21
  • Boulder 4/23 10/9
  • Colorado Springs 4/11 10/10
  • Denver 4/18 10/9
  • Durango 5/4 9/25
  • Fort Collins 3/30 10/12
  • Grand Junction 5/27 9/15
  • Pueblo 5/20 10/3


When is the best time to lay sod in Colorado?

Best Time to Lay Sod in Colorado

The best time of year to lay sod in Colorado , also depends on where you live and what you want your lawn to look like. Obviously, it takes more time to install sod than it does seed, so if a homeowner wants a lush green lawn for their summer barbeques, they will want to lay sod in colorado between May and July.

During this time frame, the soil temperatures are warm enough to support the growth of the new grass. It is also after most of Colorado’s winter snow has melted, but before the humidity levels are too high. If you have a particularly sunny area of your yard that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight each day, you will want to install your sod earlier in May.

If you don’t care about having lush green grass all summer long and prefer an easy-care lawn, then late September to early December is the best time to lay sod in Colorado . Late fall and winter are good times because the temperatures are cooler, rainfall is less frequent, and humidity levels remain consistent. Not only that but fall and winter sod installation typically costs less than sod laid during any other season of the year because demand is lower due to warmer weather activities.

Sod laying is a lot of hard work and requires at least one or two people to carry the heavy rolls. Homeowners must also take into account the fact that it will take longer for grass planted as sod to establish itself, which means you won’t be able to use your lawn right away. If you want a lush green lawn but don’t have the patience to wait until May or June, then overseeding your new lawn with grass seed in colorado is a great option. It will establish itself faster than sod and can be used right away.

If you live in the mountains it’s best to plant seed between late summer and early fall because snow can interfere with seeding projects during the winter months.

Best type of grass seed for Colorado?

Best Grass Seed for Colorado

If you want a thick, green lawn all summer long,  you will probably need to plant a warm-season grass such as Bahia or Bermuda–both of which are native to the southern parts of the United States. These types of grass go dormant during the winter and can turn brown if they get too much snow.

If you don’t want to take the risk that your grass will go dormant or brown during the winter, then you can plant a cool season grass such as Fescue, Bluegrass, and Rye–these types of grass stay green all year round even in cold weather (although they may change colors when it gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fescue is an excellent choice for cool season grasses because not only does it tolerate shade, but its fine blades give it a soft texture that many homeowners in Colorado prefer. It also thrives in conditions with low mowing and little maintenance.

Bluegrass is another good option; however, it does require well-drained soil and warm weather to thrive.  It’s important to aerate and fertilize as well.

When is the best time of year to plant grass seed in Colorado?

Best Time of Year to Plant Grass Seed in Colorado

The best time of year to plant grass seed in colorado is between September and the end of December–the period right before winter begins. This means you can enjoy a lush green lawn well into the autumn and even if snow does fall during the cooler months, your grass will continue to grow because it is well established.

You may also want to plant seed in late spring or early summer if you live in a mountainous region where snow can interfere with seeding projects during the winter months.

Keep in mind that planting grass seed requires less labor than laying sod, so it is usually cheaper.

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