Does Weed and Feed Go Bad: Fertilizer Lifespan

Weed and Feed’ products are specially formulated lawn fertilizers that help the grass grow and inhibit unwanted weeds.

You may have recently discovered an old bag of grass fertilizer in the garage or shed without a ‘best before’ date and wonder, ‘does weed and feed go bad?’ Let’s take a look and find out the answer to whether fertilizer goes bad or not.

Does Lawn Fertilizer Go Bad?

does weed and feed go bad

It’s easy to assume that fertilizers have an expiration date since they’re technically ‘food’ for your plants or turf. But the truth is, you don’t have to worry about fertilizers going bad as most of them can be used even if you leave them around the house for a long time.

Granular fertilizers have an indefinite shelf life as long as you store them properly. Some of the best practices in keeping fertilizer include putting them in plastic boxes or buckets and storing them inside a building, such as your garden shed or garage.

Weed and feed fertilizers aren’t your usual fertilizer products since they contain an herbicide along with the plant nutrients. Herbicides typically have a shelf life of somewhere between three to five years, after which they will start to lose their effectiveness.

However, this shouldn’t mean that you should throw out your weed and feed lawn care products and buy a new one since it still has its nutrients (mostly nitrogen) intact. You can feed your turf with a weed and feed to give it a nice growth boost, but the weed-killing aspect may not be as effective.

Shelf life for a weed and feed is largely determined by its exposure to the elements. When kept well and dry, weed killer fertilizers can be used to the last granule.

Also, when dampness causes the fertilizer to clump, you can just break them down again and the fertilizer will still be good. When going this route make sure to wear protective clothing and a face mask so you won’t inhale the herbicide component.

How Do You Store Weed and Feed?

does weed and feed go bad

Choose a Cool and Dry Location

Lawn fertilizer and herbicide compounds should be stored in areas that are cool and dry. Weed and feeds can be placed inside the garage, kitchen, or any storage facility that has an impermeable floor.

Typically, you’ll want the weed and feed to be relatively dry as it sits and somewhere that’s not too hot nor humid. There’s a level of leniency involved in this, as clumps can be broken apart by hand and it will still be effective in controlling weeds and feeding your plants.

Put the Weed and Feed Inside a Plastic Box or Container

If you’re not a fan of wasting fertilizer and wish to use lawn products to the last grain, then follow this. After choosing the best location in your house to store the weed and feed, you should prepare a plastic container that’s big enough to accommodate the lawn fertilizer, bag and all.

First, place the whole bag of weed and feed inside the container (either a box, a drum, or a bucket), then close the lid and make sure that it’s secure. Then, place the plastic container where it won’t get wet or too hot, such as in your garage, basement, or inside the house. Only bring it out when you need to feed your lawn or kill unwanted plants.

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