Will Bleach Kill Fleas? Killing Fleas with Bleach

If you’ve got an infestation of fleas on pets, people, or in your house, then you’re going to want to treat it as quickly as possible. It’s vital that if you have children or animals, they are never exposed directly to bleach. With the proper precautions, bleach will kill adult fleas and their eggs. It is safe and effective.

Bleach can be used indoors and outside but, there are several other things you should know about this common pest control solution before deciding whether to use bleach in your home. Never use bleach on your pets or your own skin or hair. This article will answer the question, ‘does bleach kill fleas?’ and tell you how to use bleach safely and effectively.

So, Does bleach kill fleas?

Does Bleech Kill Flees

When the weather turns warmer, many of us begin to spend more time outdoors. It’s also around this time that we start seeing fleas pop up in our homes and yards. For those of you who have pets, you’ll be glad to know that there is a very simple way to kill these pests.

Bleach can be used to kill fleas and their eggs, but you’ll need to be careful how you use it. Never use bleach on your dog or cat as this is bad for their health. Instead, use a veterinarian-approved product.

Does bleach kill fleas indoors?

You can use diluted bleach to kill fleas and get rid of the eggs on many surfaces in your home. Any bleach will do as long as it says ‘100% bleach’. Make sure to use unscented bleach, so there are no added chemicals or fragrances.

Only use diluted bleach, and be aware that it may discolor fabric and carpets. If possible, it’s best to wash items such as curtains, pet bedding, and cushion covers in the washing machine.

You can fill a spray bottle with a fifty-fifty mix of water and bleach. Shake the spray bottle well before using it to help distribute the chlorine throughout the mixture evenly. This can then be sprayed in the area where there’s a flea infestation. For extra protection, cover yourself with long sleeves and gloves when spraying this solution around your home to avoid chemical exposure.

Does Bleach Kill Fleas Effectively Enough for You to Use It?

Does Bleach Harm Flees

Bleach can be helpful when it comes to fighting fleas in your home, but there are several things you need to know before deciding whether the benefits outweigh the risks of chemical exposure. Bleach will kill adult fleas on contact, as well as their eggs.

This is great as many chemical solutions are available that claim to get rid of fleas; these often only kill the adults as flea eggs are fairly resistant to chemicals. The eggs will then hatch, and there will be fleas in your home again. If you’ve tried using other products with little success, it may be time to get out the bleach.

When using bleach water solution in your home, ensure you keep pets and children away from the spray while saturating surfaces to avoid chemical exposure. Chlorine is safe for most adults but is not ideal because it can cause damage to both children’s and pet’s respiratory systems. It can also damage carpets and soft furnishings, especially in a more concentrated form. You may find that the colors become lighter.

If you’re trying to get rid of them outside, lime does a great job of killing fleas there.

What surfaces should I use bleach on?

Use bleach to kill flees

Any hard surfaces like floors, counters, and furniture can be treated with diluted bleach. Treat any areas where you can see the fleas moving around.

They can get up inside cracks and crevices, so make sure you spray areas such as the back of your couch or under your kitchen counter. If you have carpets, then it’s best to treat these with specific spot treatments designed for carpets instead of diluted bleach.

Bleach is safe for most furniture and won’t cause damage to the surface as long as you steer clear of painted or varnished surfaces. Bleach can strip off varnish and paint, so your furniture may not be as durable after treatment.  Bleach is great at killing plants.

Does bleach kill fleas outdoors?

Bleach can be used to kill fleas and their eggs outdoors; however, this isn’t recommended. Bleach is bad for the environment and will also kill plants and grasses that it comes into contact with. Instead of using bleach in your yard, use a pesticide that’s been designed to kill fleas and their eggs.

Does bleach kill fleas on animals?

Never use bleach directly on animals- always use an appropriate shampoo or treatment designed specifically for animal fur or hair and avoid all contact with skin.


Bleach does kill fleas, flea eggs, and any other insects that it comes into contact with. You’ll need to be careful how and where you use bleach as it can also affect the health of pets and young children and could damage furniture.