When to Plant Carrots in Texas: Everything You Need to Know

Many carrots are grown annually in Texas as the state is the 5th largest producer in the USA. Approximately 9400 acres of carrots are grown commercially every year. Homeowners often grow their own crops for their families, and planting time is one of the main factors that will determine your success as a home grower.

Planning the right time to plant carrots in Texas can ensure that you get the best yield and quality of your crop. Several factors must be considered before determining the best planting time for your garden. Here we provide a guide for when to plant carrot planting in Texas, including times for North, South, and Central Texas. 

When to plant carrots in Texas

When to Plant Carrots in Texas

There are a few things to consider before determining the best planting time, such as temperature, soil type, and location. It would help if you also chose a carrot variety that does well in the Texas climate. Most carrots are orange, but some heirloom varieties are purple or white. 

North Texas

In North Texas, carrots should be planted in the summer, with August being the best month to plant carrots. You’ll then be able to harvest your carrots in the fall. 

South Texas

South Texas gardeners have a longer growing season and a better climate. Carrots can be grown all year. However, it’s best to plant your carrots from July to February. Summer planting will give you a winter harvest, while carrots planted in the fall or winter will be ready in the winter or early spring. The soil temperature should be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for optimum growth. 

Central Texas

In Central Texas, carrots are considered a cool-season crop that should be planted between August and September and harvested in the winter. 

Other Considerations

When to Plant Carrots in Texas

In addition to optimal planting times, there are several other considerations regarding growing carrots in Texas. Make sure you choose a well-drained site with full sun and rich soil. 

Planting tips

When planting carrots, it’s important to use loose soil and ensure that you water regularly. Planting carrot seeds in rows rather than bunches will help them attain the necessary sunlight, air circulation, and space they need to grow well. 

Make rows half an inch deep and sprinkle approximately 20 seeds per foot into each row. It can take 14 to 21 days for the seeds to germinate and grow into carrot sprouts, so be patient! 

Caring for your crop

Once the young seedlings appear, you can carefully thin out your rows of carrots; this will give them more space to grow and help avoid overcrowding. Mulching around the seedlings helps retain moisture and keeps weeds down. 

Water your carrots regularly and keep weeds away from the carrots during the growing season. 


Carrots are usually mature and ready to harvest in about 2 to 3 months, depending on conditions. To test for maturity, pull one up and check the size and color. 

Carrots should be harvested when they are at least one inch in diameter. When harvesting your crop, pull them up gently and store them in a cool place. 


With these tips, planting carrots in Texas should be a fun and rewarding experience. Following the recommended planting times and taking care of your carrot patch, you can enjoy a delicious harvest!