When to Plant Cucumber in Texas: A Growers Guide

Texas is an ideal climate for growing cucumbers, as the warm weather and long growing season make it easy to get a good harvest. The seeds need cooler weather to germinate and become established, so they should be planted in either the early spring or the fall. The exact planting time will vary depending on which part of Texas you live in. Before planting your cucumber seeds, there are some considerations you should take into account. Let’s look at when to plant cucumbers in Texas. We’ll discuss planting times in North, South, and Central Texas.

When to plant cucumber in Texas

When to Plant Cucumber in Texas

You’ll want to give your cucumbers at least eight weeks of warm weather before harvesting, so keep this in mind when planning your plantings. If you live in a climate with shorter winters, you can get away with planting earlier in the year. However, if the weather is still too cold for cucumber seedlings to thrive, wait until temperatures warm up before planting.

That being said, cucumbers require cool weather to germinate and grow into seedlings. It’s also essential to ensure that the soil temperature exceeds 50°F before planting. If the soil is too cold, your cucumbers won’t germinate, and you won’t get a good harvest.

The exact planting times will vary depending on where you live in Texas and the climate and temperature in your area.

South Texas

In South Texas, where the weather is hotter in the summer, it’s recommended to plant cucumber seeds from mid-February to late March. This will give the plants time to grow and establish themselves before the hotter weather.

You can also plant cucumber in the fall from late September to October. Cucumber plants may also survive the winter in warmer areas and can be overwintered in a greenhouse to avoid colder weather

North Texas

In North Texas, cucumber seeds should be planted from mid-March to late April. Spring planting will allow you to harvest your cucumbers throughout the summer months.

Alternatively, plant your cucumber in the fall, from late August to mid-September. It’s essential to plant your seeds with enough time for the plants to grow, mature, and produce fruit before the colder weather hits.

Central Texas

Central Texas is somewhere in between these two regions, and the recommended planting time for cucumber seeds is usually from late February to mid-April.

If you want to plant cucumber in the fall, September is the best month to plant your seeds as the weather will cool down a bit, encouraging germination.

Tips for planting cucumber

When to Plant Cucumber in Texas

Once you’ve worked out when to plant cucumber in your area, a few other tips can help ensure a successful harvest

Ensure to provide enough space between plants when planting them, and use quality soil high in organic matter. Cucumber plants need plenty of space to grow and reach their full potential, so it’s essential to give them room to spread out. 

Water your plants regularly, and make sure to mulch around the cucumber plants to help retain moisture. This is especially important in hotter climates as it will help keep the soil cool and prevent it from drying out.


With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to plant your cucumber seeds with confidence. Taking good care of your plants and watering them regularly will ensure that you get a good harvest.