When to Plant Brunswick Cabbage? (By Geography)

Brunswick cabbage is a rare heirloom variety that’s facing extinction. If you want to try growing this tasty cabbage variety for your family, you can plant the seeds in your vegetable plot in the fall or winter. The exact planting dates will depend on where you live, the climate, temperature, and weather conditions in your area.

In cooler areas, these cabbages can also be grown in the spring. Here are some tips on when to plant Brunswick cabbage and how to achieve a successful crop.

What is Brunswick Cabbage?

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Brunswick cabbage is an old German heirloom variety of cabbage that was imported to the states in 1824. It is an early maturing, round-headed cabbage that can be grown in cooler climates and is considered a winter cabbage variety. The Brunswick cabbage is becoming very rare as most people prefer to grow cabbage varieties that can be planted in the spring or summer and harvested in the fall.

Brunswick cabbage saw a flurry of interest a few years ago when making sauerkraut became popular. It takes 90 days to reach maturity after planting.

Best Time to Plant Brunswick Cabbage?

The best time to plant Brunswick cabbage is in the fall before the risk of frost or in the spring, 2 to 3 weeks after all danger of frost has passed. Its recommended that you plant Brunswick cabbages when soil temperatures are around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. These cabbages need cold nights and warmer days for the seeds to germinate. Brunswick cabbage prefers rich soil high in organic matter that is loose and well-drained with a pH of between 6.0 to 7.5.

Cabbage, in general, do not compete well against weeds, so good weed control is essential for Brunswick cabbage. Brunswick cabbage can be sown directly into prepared garden beds. For best results, sow seed in rows spaced 16 to 18 inches apart. Once the seedlings appear, you can thin the plants out to stand 12 to 18 inches apart.

Spring planting

The first planting date for early Brunswick cabbage should be made in February or March. This early crop can be harvested from June to August. Plant in a well-drained location that has received a heavy dressing of farmyard manure in the fall. This crop should be marketed from July until frost, but care must be taken to cut before the heads become too mature or they will crack badly when frozen.

Winter planting

Cabbage plants started in September to December and will be ready for market in the latter part of June. A fair crop of this type can be grown under protection in colder areas. Hotbed, cold frames, or greenhouses can be used during winter and spring to help protect your cabbage crop. The produce will be very desirable for canning purposes if harvested at the proper time.


Brunswick cabbage should be planted in the fall or winter. You can plant seeds from September to November. This cabbage variety can be grown under protection during winter and spring. If the soil is in good condition when planting time arrives, sow seed and thin later, so the cabbages are spaced 12 to 18 inches apart in the row.

Although the Brunswick cabbage is rare and faces extinction, it produces lovely greens and has started to become more popular in recent years than it once was.


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