What Shoes to Wear Mowing the Lawn: Our Tips

Do you dream of having a lush lawn? Stop dreaming and work for it! While it can be time-consuming, maintaining and growing a healthy turf isn’t an impossible task. But you will have to spend some time in your garden to ensure your grass gets all it needs to thrive.

Water is only part of the story. Besides following a consistent watering schedule, you must keep weeds at bay, prevent attacks from pests and diseases (and take care of your lawn if it is suffering), and (of course) you have to be regular with mowing.

What Shoes to Wear Mowing the Lawn

Cutting your grass means maintaining it healthy, minimizing the spread of fungal infections, and increasing the looks of your property. After all, your lawn will probably be one of the first things people notice when getting to your house.

Besides having tools to help you mow your lawn, you must also pay attention to your safety. For instance, you should avoid cutting your grass in the rain (especially if you are using electric equipment), and you should always wear goggles to protect your eyes from debris and rocks that might hit them (at very high speeds). But what about your feet?

To learn more about what shoes to wear mowing the lawn, keep reading. Here, we collected our recommendations to ensure you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk when cutting your grass.

What to Look For in Shoes To Wear When Mowing the Lawn

What Shoes to Wear Mowing the Lawn

We never think about it, but the type of shoes you decide to wear when mowing your lawn makes a difference. You should feel comfortable but also have adequate production to prevent injuries.

Good lawn mowing shoes should be water-resistant to keep your feet dry: it is not a pleasant feeling to cutting grass with wet feet! Plus, they must be breathable and offer your feet the comfort they need: you don’t want to get blisters from mowing your grass: doing it once a week is already bad!

Heavy shoes are usually uncomfortable to wear and walk around, meaning you must choose lightweight and strong shoes to protect your ankles and feel less tired at the end of the day.

Also, look at durability: while it might feel better not to spend too much money on lawn mowing shoes (after all, you probably won’t use them very often), it is always a good idea to choose quality over price.

Investing some money into a good pair of shoes means enjoying them for longer. Also, durable shoes will sustain rough terrain while protecting your feet from the hard ground.

And of course, lawnmower shoes must cover your feet to protect them from debris, must, and sharp objects: they should withstand ground impact and have soles tough enough to ensure adequate protection.

Types of Lawn Mowing Shoes You Must Know About

What Shoes to Wear Mowing the Lawn


You might not know this, but there are different types of lawn mowing shoes you must get familiar with before choosing a pair for yourself. Lawn shoes usually consist of leather, rubber, and foam materials.

They tend to be breathable and flexible and ensure a firm grip even on wet surfaces. Also, most lawn shoes have protective rubber caps making them suitable for mowing lawns without injuries.

For extra protection, go for steel toe shoes: their protective caps are in steel and allow for a larger space around your toes (which prevents the formation of blisters). They are the best option for protecting your feet from the impact of heavy objects and debris.

But if you need more durable shoes, landscaper boots might be your best option: they perform well even under extensive usage and have steel toe caps.

What Shoes to Wear When Mowing the Lawn?

Choosing a pair of shoes to wear when cutting grass depends on your personal preferences. However, we have some recommendations you might enjoy.

If you are looking for a high-quality all-purpose shoe, Kuo Yardwear might be your best option. It is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. It supports your feet on various jobs on lawns, gardens, and landscapes.

Merrel Men’s Moab 2 is another pair of shoes you should consider: they are waterproof and comfortable. Indeed, they are hiking shoes. So, they have superior traction and have a design that supports your heels and zonal arch: these shoes display air cushions to absorb shocks and provide better stability. However, they are also pricey.

If you’d prefer to buy something you will wear more often, look no further than the Nike Monarch Air. These shoes are trendy, lightweight, and durable. Plus, they are suitable to use in the gym, running errands, and are pretty good for lawn mowing!

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