Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It’s Hot? Find Out Below

During the summer months, the weather outside can be unbearable. If you live in areas of the country with hot summers, you know all too well just how miserable the heat can be. You may be wondering, ‘is it bad to mow your lawn when its hot?’

We all know that being outside in hot weather can be bad for you. But what about your mowing your lawn during the hottest part of the day? Today you will learn if it is bad to mow your lawn in hot weather. Let’s learn more, shall we?

Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It’s Hot?

Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It's Hot?

Mowing your lawn in the heat is a bad idea for several different reasons. First and foremost, mowing grass in the heat can damage your lawn due to the stress it is under. When it is hot outside, your lawn is under a lot of stress from the damaging rays of the sun.

Secondly, it is never a good idea to be out in the heat, especially if you are doing strenuous labor such as mowing the lawn. While a riding mower can help make the job easier, you will still be subjected to dangerous temperatures. Heatstroke is a serious condition that can land you in the hospital or worse.

Mow During the Mid-Mornings Instead

Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It's Hot?

If you have ever noticed lawn care companies in the summer cutting grass, they are normally doing it during the mid-morning hours. One of the best times of day to mow the grass during the dog days of summer is in the morning.

Cutting grass at this time will put less stress on your lawn. Also, you won’t be risking heatstroke by being out under the unforgiving sun.

Avoid Cutting Grass in The Early Morning Hours

Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It's Hot?

When it comes to cutting grass, it is just as destructive to cut grass early in the day as it is during the hottest part of the day. Morning dew can make grass almost impossible to cut, and the heavy wheels of a riding mower can dig down into the lawn causing damage.

Avoid Cutting Grass in The Late Afternoon

While it might be tempting to cut grass during the cool evening hours, you should avoid doing so. Grass needs time to heal before nightfall sets in.

Cutting grass in the late afternoon will leave your lawn susceptible to fungi growth, disease, and pests. If you have no choice but to cut your lawn after work, do it at least a few hours before sunset to give it enough time to recover from the cutting.

Don’t Cut Your Grass After It Rains

During the summer months, there will be hot days that are followed by cooling rains. After it rains, the weather outside can be nice. But you should never cut your grass when it is wet. Wet grass will gum up under your mower deck, which can leave you with an uneven lawn.

Never Cut Grass During A Drought

During harsh droughts, your grass is highly vulnerable to damage. Drought conditions are caused by periods of high heat and low rain totals. When you mow during the heat of drought, your grass will not have the chance to regrow.

This will likely leave your yard bare even when conditions improve. Once your grass dies, it may not come back. This means you will have to spend time and money reseeding your lawn.

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Close During Hot Summer Days

As we have already learned above grass is under a lot of stress during hot weather. When cutting your lawn, adjust your deck so that you don’t cut it too close. Scalping your grass during the summer is a surefire way to damage it. While you may have to cut your grass more frequently, allowing it to grow just a little taller may help prevent major issues.

Cut Your Grass on The Weekend

During the week, many people like to cut their grass after work. But as we have learned above, this can be bad for your lawn.

One of the best times to cut your grass is on the weekend as long as it isn’t raining. You will be able to mow your lawn during the best part of the day, avoiding damaging that perfect lawn.

Is It Bad to Mow Your Lawn When It’s Hot?: Conclusion

As you can see, you should never cut your lawn on very hot days. Not only is it bad for your grass it can also be bad for your health. Instead, choose a time of day when the weather is cool. Mid-morning is often the most favorable time to mow the lawn.

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