What Do Pumpkin Sprouts Look Like?

Pumpkins can be a great addition to your garden. Under adequate growth conditions, their plants will give you fruits that you can use in soups, pies, and as ingredients in other dishes. Growing your pumpkins does require some effort and patience as they are susceptible to damage.

To make the most of these plants, you should learn about their growing stages, from seed to harvest. If you have more than one type of vegetable in your garden, you’ll want to learn how to recognize what do pumpkin sprouts look like.

In this concise essential guide, you’ll find all you need to start growing pumpkins in your yard.

Pumpkin’s Growing Stages

What Do Pumpkin Sprouts Look Like

Growing pumpkins by seeds is the most fulfilling and effective way. Start them in the ground about two weeks after the last frost if you live in a warm region. Soil temperature should be around 75F.

To ensure they will receive adequate warmth, consider creating a raised bed with potting soil and compost. Alternatively, you can start them indoors in a seeding tray. Regardless of which method you choose, seeds will sprout in less than ten days if you water them daily.


Sprouts are small stems with two dark green leaves with a round shape. Pumpkin sprouts develop real lives from the center of the sprouts in about a week from the sprout formation. You can distinguish them from other plants because of their jagged edges. Also, when the sprouts turn into seedlings, they will develop vines. For this reason, pumpkin sprouts resemble zucchini.

Pumpkin vines will grow at a fast rate: you can see about six inches of growth each day if you provide them with adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients.

What Do Pumpkin Sprouts Look Like

If you started the seeds indoors, harden your seedlings by taking them outside for a couple of hours. Gradually increase their exposure to outdoor conditions until they can stay for a full day. When that happens, it is time to transplant your plants into the soil. When removing plants, treat the root with care: they are very delicate and might suffer during this process.

Once you see blossoms, pollinators will help your plant reproduce. To see visible growth, you’ll have to be patient. When you notice small round green balls at the bottom of the flowers, it means your plant is thriving and will soon give you its delicious fruits.  If you would like a more in-depth description of this process, check out our full guide to pumpkin growth stages.

What Do Pumpkin Sprouts Look Like: The Bottom Line

Pumpkin sprouts have a distinctive look. Under adequate conditions, they grow fast and quickly develop vines. However, you can mistake them for zucchini, so make sure you label your planting areas or trays if you want to avoid mixing them up.

Don’t forget to regularly water your pumpkin plants to ensure healthy growth and fertilize the soil with a formula rich in nitrogen during the fall, and switch to something with higher phosphorous content in the spring.  Make sure to pick the appropriate pumpkin companion plants too.

Your plant will benefit from some pruning: eliminating vines can help it focus its energies on growing the pumpkins. After the seeding and growing phase, it is time for harvesting!

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