Should You Use 19 19 19 Fertilizer? Everything You Need to Know

19-19-19 fertilizer, also commonly referred to as “triple nineteen” fertilizer, is frequently used to green lawns and other plants, including flowers, trees, and vegetables. It contains a balance of nutrients that can help grasses and plants become disease resistant. It is also used to thicken lawns that look thin and patchy and make the grass thrive.

This fertilizer is easy to use and can help you create a healthy lawn that is thriving and looks great. However, some gardeners don’t recommend using 19 19 19 fertilizers on lawns as there are more suitable lawn fertilizers available. Let’s look at whether you should use 19 19 19 fertilizers on your lawn.

Should You Use 19 19 19 fertilizer?

Should I use 19 19 19 fertilizer

19-19-19 fertilizer is generally sold as an all-purpose garden fertilizer commonly used on plants, shrubs, trees and to help create a greener lawn. While it is widely used on lawns, it may not be the best choice. Most common lawn grasses prefer a high-nitrogen fertilizer if they are well established, while lawn starter foods are available that contain higher levels of phosphorous for new grass seedlings or recently laid sod.

If you’re to grow a thick, lush lawn, you should choose a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content. While a triple nineteen fertilizer won’t harm your grass, a fertilizer with an NPK of 32-0-4 may be a better choice. This type of fertilizer has 32% nitrogen, no phosphorus as established grass doesn’t require the nutrient, and 4% potassium.

What’s in it, anyway?

What's in 19 19 19 fertilizer

19 19 19 fertilizer contains an equal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Triple 19 fertilizers contain 19% of nitrogen to help grass and plants turn green and promote growth. It’s a good idea to give your lawn a fertilizer containing nitrogen in the early spring as it comes out of dormancy. The formula also contains 19% phosphorous, which is good for new grass seedlings and sod as it helps the roots establish themselves. Lastly, triple 19 fertilizer contains 19% potassium which helps strengthen the grass and makes it resistant to drought and disease.

What is 19 19 19 Fertiliser used for?

19-19-19 fertilizer uses19 19 19 is best used for garden plants rather than on lawns. It contains high amounts of phosphorus which will helps fruit trees such as apples and peach trees to produce blossoms and eventually fruit. Triple 19 fertilizer can also be used on vegetables and flowers as it helps them grow strong and healthy. The formula is also great for nut trees, shade trees, and shrubs, and evergreen trees.

Nitrogen is suitable for all types of plants and grasses as it helps the plants to grow and leaves and flowers to develop. The nutrient produces a vivid, green leaf color. Phosphorous can support tree, plant, and shrub roots grow healthily and is also needed for the creation of flowers, fruit, and seeds on trees. Potassium helps trees and plants grow stronger and makes them drought, disease, and pest resistant. This nutrient is sometimes referred to as potash.

Some people also use triple 19 fertilizer on new sod or grass seedlings as they need more phosphorus than an established lawn. However, you may find that a lawn starter fertilizer is more suitable. These will be more effective and may even be cheaper.

How to Use

When using 19 19 19 fertilizer or any other formula, always follow the direction on the label and ensure that you use the correct ratios. It would help if you also water your plants after application to allow the solution to soak into the soil and reach their roots.

19 19 19 fertilizer is a great all-round solution; however, it may be a wise idea to test your soil before deciding which type of fertilizer you require. Home testing soil kits are available from garden stores or hardware stores. You’ll need to send a sample of your soil to your local cooperative extension office, where it will be tested. The results will enable you to determine which nutrients should be added to your soil. You’ll then be able to choose the correct type of fertilizer or perhaps add additional minerals to your soil.

Triple 19 fertilizer is made by various manufacturers and is available in both a liquid and granular form. Liquid fertilizers are easy to apply and can be sprayed around the base of trees and shrubs. They are also easy to spread if you are treating your whole lawn. Granular fertilizers, on the other hand, are also straightforward to use. They can be sprinkled onto the ground around your plants and then watered in.

Granular products give you the advantage of delivering nutrients to your trees and plants slowly, sometimes over several months. This will ensure that the soil’s nutrients are kept at the correct levels. You may need to apply liquid fertilizer two or three times a year, while granules dissolve slowly and only need to be used once annually.

When using granular fertilizer for vegetables, you can lay them in a line parallel to your plant­ing row. For use on trees, sprinkle the granules around the trunk, and if you use an irrigation system, you can sprinkle them near the water supply. This will allow the granules to wash into the ground and dissolve slowly.


19 19 19 fertilizer contains equal amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, making it great for trees that produce flowers and fruit. It’s also excellent for garden plants such as flowers and vegetables and can help these plants grow healthy and green. While some people use triple 19 fertilizer on their lawn, it’s generally not considered the best choice. Established grass doesn’t require phosphorus.

A 32-0-4 fertilizer is a better choice for most lawns.  You could also check out 5-10-10.  New grass seeds or sod that’s just been laid does require phosphorous to establish its roots, but a starter fertilizer may be a more effective and cheaper choice.