Philodendron Florida Ghost: Growth and Care Guide

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a popular member of the Araceae family. These plants are unique vine climbers that remain green year-round. The foliage grows in interesting shapes and is beautiful hues from light to dark green.

The Philodendron Florida Ghost has longer stems than most other Philodendron varieties. This plant can get relatively large and makes a great addition to any home or office as it’s an air-purifying plant. Let’s look at how to care for this lovely plant.

What is the Philodendron Florida Ghost?

Philodendron Florida Ghost

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a unique plant that’s part of the Araceae family. The most interesting thing about this plant is the color of the foliage. New growth starts off white, which is how this plant gets its name. As the young leaf grows, its color will gradually change and darken to a light green color. Each leaf is a slightly different shape, and the foliage also has several lobes. Once the plant has fully matured, the leaves will turn a darker green.

These plants are slow-growing but can get pretty tall. They can get as tall as five feet and are often two feet wide. A single leaf will likely measure between two to four inches long, depending on the plant’s size. The plants are vine climbers that need something to grow against.

The Philodendron Florida ghost produces large purple flowers in the spring. If the plant is grown indoors, it’s unlikely to flower.

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How to Care for a Philodendron Florida Ghost

Florida Ghost Plant Care

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a beautiful tropical plant that’s easy to care for. Follow these care tips to grow a healthy specimen:


Philodendron Florida ghost plants prefer soil that’s high in nutrients and able to drain well. Using a soil that contains organic matter such as peat moss, sphagnum, bark, charcoal, or peat is beneficial. Add a layer of stones or gravel to the bottom of the pot to avoid waterlogging. Philodendron Florida Ghost prefers the soil to be slightly acidic.

Philodendron Florida ghosts are fairly slow-growing, which means they don’t need to be re-potted very often. You may find that your plant needs to be re-potted every few years. Ensure that you use a pot that has drainage holes in the bottom.


Philodendron Florida ghosts prefer bright indirect sunlight. They shouldn’t be left in the full sun, or the leaf could scorch. You can grow your plant on a north-facing window so that it gets the correct light requirements.


Philodendron Florida ghost plants should be watered weekly. It’s best to keep the soil moist but be careful not to overwater your plant. Waterlogged soil can cause root rot which could end up killing your plant.

Dry soil can lead to dehydration for your plant, which will result in wilting and eventually death. When watering, check that the upper two inches of the soil have dried out. You can check the earth by pushing your finger into the ground. If the soil still feels moist, wait a day or two before watering.

In the winter, you can reduce watering to approximately once a month. During cold spells, less water will evaporate, and the plant will drink less.


Philodendron Florida ghost plants grow best when the temperature is between 65F and 95F. These tropical plants aren’t very cold tolerant, so they should be kept warm in the winter. They can also be affected by draughts, so they shouldn’t be left near an open window or air conditioning unit.


Unlike most Philodendrons, the Florida ghost doesn’t seem to have any special humidity requirements. They can thrive in high to lower humidity as these plants can acclimatize. That being said, these plants do originate from the rainforest, and whenever possible, you should aim to provide some humidity.

You can either mist your plants or make a pebble tray. Fill a tray with pebbles and water and place your plant pot on the top. This helps to create moisture for your plants as the water evaporates.


Philodendron Florida Ghost is a lovely tropical plant that makes a great houseplant. They are relatively slow-growing but last for years and can grow quite large. To help your plant thrive, ensure the soil is kept moist and if you live in a dry area, mist your plant regularly.

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