Mississippi Summer Crops: Which Vegetables to Plant in a MI Garden

Most first-time farmers feel that finding the best vegetables or fruits to produce in Mississippi is straightforward. However, this is not always the case, particularly during the summer months when demand is strong. There are certain plants that require a great lot of attention, while others are sensitive to pests, and still, others are simply too tough and time-consuming to care for on their own. Let’s look at some of the best Mississippi summer crops.

Mississippi Summer Crops: Vegetables 

When it comes to growing fruit trees and vegetables in Mississippi, the influence of the scorching summer, which varieties are ideal. Regardless of where they are planted in the Magnolia State, fruit trees require a sunny site and soil that is healthy, wet, yet well-drained to thrive.

Many typical fruit trees are afflicted by pests and diseases that are not as severe in Northern states because of the moderate climate and high midsummer humidity that characterizes southern areas.


mississippi summer crops

The growth of Asparagus is unlike that of other vegetables in that it does not require large amounts of water to develop and flourish into a crop that may be picked throughout the summer. This is especially beneficial during the unusually dry summers, as well as during wet summers.

An asparagus is a great option if you’re looking for a yearly crop that requires little to no effort. The nice aspect is that a tiny garden can accommodate this together with other veggies. There are few vegetables that require regular bug management, and asparagus is one of those few.

When asparagus starts to grow, and you leave it in the ground for too long, insects can swiftly kill it. During late spring/early summer, Asparagus is a popular target for pests and animals since they are the first annual vegetables to emerge.


mississippi summer crops

These low-maintenance veggies thrive in high temperatures. The longer and hotter the summer, the greater their performance. The more time that passes over the summer, the more peppers you will have. Peppers are among the veggies that you might not think of when it comes to vertically gardening, but they perform just as well as the other vegetables in the same situation.

As a result, it is ideal for compact spaces and may even be grown in pots. There is no matter where you reside in Mississippi if you have a garden, peppers will thrive in it. Planting them in raised beds and pots is one of my favorite methods of cultivating them.

Green Beans

mississippi summer crops

When compared to other crops, green beans require less water to develop, flower, as well as bloom into a crop that may be picked more than once throughout its growing season.

This is especially beneficial during the very dry summers. Look no farther than pole green beans if you’re looking for a veggie that grows up a pole! It was particularly designed for vertical cultivation, which is why it is known as the vertical bean.


Radishes, like carrots as well as other root crops, require little in the way of water, sunshine, or even pest management. This makes it an excellent choice for landscape areas that receive both full and partial sunlight.

Radishes are among the few vegetables that can withstand colder temperatures, such as those experienced during a frost. Thus, radishes may be planted and harvested in the early spring, late fall, and also in the winter months!

Mississippi Summer Crops: Best Fruit Trees

Pear Tree

Pear trees are not only cold-hardy, but they also thrive in hot, humid climates. Even in areas with little or no sunshine, this plant is ideal for planting. Pear trees thrive in hot and cold climates, but they suffer in rainy ones. Root rot can occur if the ground is excessively damp throughout the winter and spring, which can hurt or kill your tree.

Plum Tree

Plum plants flourish in the heat, whereas most fruit trees can handle it. When the winter and spring are warmer, this early-summer fruit-producing tree will produce more plums. Plum trees, particularly pear trees, do not thrive in moist environments. Soil that drains properly and receives lengthy periods of direct sunshine is ideal for this sort of tree.

Peach Tree

Better the hotter it is. Pheasants aren’t like other fruit trees that can handle the heat, yet they thrive in it. Because of this, peach trees thrive in the sweltering heat of July. If the temperature drops below freezing, Peach Trees can’t handle it very well. Some kinds may withstand the cold in Mississippi, but the majority will perish if the state’s winter temperatures fall below 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis.

Nectarine Tree

Nectarines, like their peach cousins, thrive in sweltering conditions. As the temperature rises, the nectarines on the trees get bigger and sweeter. Almost all Nectarine Tree species are adversely affected by cold temperatures. You’ll need to cover your tree in burlap if you reside in the northern portion of Mississippi, where temperatures can drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for weeks at a time. Nectarine trees do not do well in cold weather.

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