How to Prune a Fiddle-Leaf Fig: Tips and Tricks

Having plants is a fun experience, and you learn a lot while you do it. Each plant has different care needs. It’s important to know how to care for your plants. Pruning is a vital part of plant care. So how do you prune a fiddle-leaf fig?

What is a Fiddle-Leaf Fig?

How to Prune a Fiddle-Leaf Fig

A fiddle-leaf fig is an indoor tree that will grow about ten feet tall inside. This tree is named after its fiddle-shaped leaves. Outside, though, it can grow up to fifty feet tall. They are native to tropical parts of western Africa.

What is Pruning?

Pruning is the removal of dead or dying parts of a plant or any leaves with the disease to help stop it from spreading. It can also mean shaping the plant to look more attractive or cutting off its buds to help maintain good plant health. This is vital for any plant.

You should also use sterile shears or a pruning knife when doing this. Make sure the shears or the knife you use are sharp, too. A clean, sharp blade leads to quick healing without complications.

Plants are living beings like us, and they have the needs we do. You wouldn’t perform surgery with a rusty scalpel, would you?

How to Prune a Fiddle-Leaf Fig

How to Prune a Fiddle-Leaf Fig

If you are a seasoned plant expert, you may already know the steps to take to prune this type of plant. You should follow what works best from your experience. Otherwise, pruning is simple when you know the needs of your plant.

First, you should get your sharp and sterile pruning shears or knife. Next, identify what you need to prune. A leaf doesn’t have to be dying for you to prune it. If there is an otherwise healthy leaf, but it is crowing others, you can prune it.

You should always prune dying or sick leaves, even if it’s outside of the growing season.

Keep in mind that when you prune your fiddle-leaf fig, it will secrete a protective wax. This wax is toxic to us and our pets, so be sure to wash your hands well after and make sure none gets on the floor. Even better, you can cover your skin while pruning.

To remove a branch, cut an inch or less above the trunk. Too much more or less can damage the plant. Cut away branches that cross over another. Any branch that comes too close to furniture, the walls, or the ceiling is too crowded. At least eight inches of space around it is recommended.

Pruning too many leaves at once can be bad for your plant. Try to only prune a few and then give it time to recuperate.

A lot of people prune for looks and not just for plant upkeep. With the fiddle-leaf fig, people often encourage it to grow into a more tree-shaped plant. If your plant is lopsided, you can also use pruning to help it look better. This happens when you do not turn it often.

How to Know When to Prune Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig

How to Prune a Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Pruning is vital to the health of a lot of plants including the fiddle-leaf fig. This tree needs to be pruned during its growing season in the spring and summer.

Pruning during this time will allow your plant to recuperate from the pruning.

Other signs you need to prune your fiddle-leaf fig is if any leaves are dying or if they are competing for space.

Why Is Pruning Important?

Pruning is essential for the health of your tree. You should prune your plant when leaves die or you notice any disease. Cut away the sick part and monitor the rest of the plant for further illness.

When you prune a plant, you also give it more room. This allows your plant to thrive in its growing season. These plants can grow very fast, so if you notice the leaves are crowding each other, you can prune them.

Since this plant can get so large in good conditions, pruning is a good way to ensure it doesn’t get too big.

Prune Away!

Now that you know how to prune your fiddle-leaf fig using clean pruning shears and not cutting too close or too far from the trunk when removing a branch or leaf, you can give your plant the best care out there.