How to Make Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Taller: Tips and Tricks

The Fiddle Leaf Fig has an uncanny ability to draw the eye, with its large, unusual violin-shaped leaves and elegant growth habit. However, in order for the plant to make a statement, it needs to be healthy and have all its needs met.

Now, if you’re wondering how to make fiddle leaf fig grow taller, here’s a short checklist on what you can do to stimulate fiddle leaf fig growth.

Can a Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Taller?

how to make fiddle leaf fig grow taller

The Fiddle Leaf is a ficus variety that’s slow-growing. It can take a while for a fiddle leaf plant to turn into a mature specimen- three to four years before it can grow tall, and 10-15 years to reach its full potential.

The good news is that Fiddle Leaf Figs can definitely grow taller, provided that you give it the right amount of sunlight, watering, and feeding, as well as putting the plant in the right soil medium. Pot size can also restrict a fiddle leaf’s growth and is something you should consider when you see that your plant is not growing taller.

4 Tips on How to Make Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Taller

how to make fiddle leaf fig grow taller

Position Your Fiddle Leaf to Get Bright Consistent Light

Inadequate or poor lighting is often the reason why your fiddle leaf fig is not growing as tall as you’d like. It’s important that you provide the maximum amount of sunlight daily- fiddle leaf plants prefer to sit in at least 6 hours of bright indirect sun, but it’s recommended that you provide upwards of 8-10 for optimal growth.

You can have the fiddle leaf getting sunlight through a window for a few hours a day, but make sure to expose your plant gradually so the leaves don’t get burned. It’s possible to supplement with grow lights if you simply don’t have a spot in the house that gets a good amount of natural light.

Observe Proper Watering Habits

A Fiddle Leaf Fig will want its soil to remain consistently moist but not waterlogged. This means that you should have it planted in the right soil, and the pot has to have drainage holes so excess water can go out.

Watering can be done once weekly or more if the weather is hot or if your fiddle leaf is in a warm and sunny room. Make sure to water thoroughly and cover the whole size of the pot- excess water should drain out even if you’re pouring a container’s worth of irrigation.

Not Too Cold Nor Too Hot

Ficus lyrata is a tropical plant species that lives in warm, humid environments in the wild. That said, fiddle leaf does not take well to freezing temperatures and cold winds- you’d want to protect your plant from the elements during the winter season.

The best temperature range for growing a fiddle leaf fig is anywhere between 60 to 75 degrees F. If possible, have it stay away from places that get cold or hot drafts.

Don’t Forget to Repot When the Container is Small

As a general rule, Ficus lyrata do not need to be repotted every year, mostly because it won’t be able to fill in the space that quickly. Remember, fiddle leaf figs are slow growers and take their time to become a small and stately tree.

Fiddle Leaf plants do not like their roots disturbed either, but then repotting is necessary if you want your plant to reach its full growth potential.

A sure sign that your fiddle leaf fig needs a new pot is when growth slows down and you can see the roots coming out the drainage holes. Choose a new pot that’s several sizes bigger and use the same free-draining medium for the best results.