Can I Put My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside in Summer?

Given the sometimes fickle nature of the fiddle leaf fig tree, you’d wonder if the plant could adapt to an outdoor environment. Since it loves the warmth and came from the jungle, you’d think that you can leave your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree outside in summer.

But can it? More importantly, should you put your fiddle leaf in full sun? What’s the highest temperature it can tolerate? We’ll tell you below.

Can I Put My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside in Summer?

fiddle leaf fig tree outside in summer

The answer on whether you can put your fiddle leaf fig plant outdoors depends on several factors, including the current season and where you live.

Summertime is the hottest season in the US, marked by soaring temperatures and sometimes, heat waves. Fiddle leaf fig plants can technically survive these conditions but not the frost that comes in winter.

Generally speaking, FLFs thrive in temperatures that range from 50 degrees to around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 10 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius, respectively). Anything higher or lower than that and your plant might get damaged.

So, if you’re wondering whether you can put your fiddle leaf fig outside for some fresh summer air and sunshine, you’ll need to make sure the temperature stays in optimal range. Also, you’ll need to do a process of ‘hardening’ so your tree won’t experience shock and get weaker when they’re outside.

Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Take Full Sun?

fiddle leaf fig tree outside in summer

Fiddle Leaf Figs are native in West Africa and thus love warm climates. They live under canopies and get filtered sunlight throughout the day.

You can put fiddle leaf figs outdoors in summer if you’re in USDA growing zones 9 through 11.

If you live in other regions then you’ll want to check how high the temperatures go during summer. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t take your fig trees outside during winter if you live outside the recommended growing zone.

FLFs can take full sun and will usually welcome the bright light and warmth it brings, but if they’ve spent most of their lives indoors then you’ll want to harden them. It’s a process where you gradually expose the plant to the sun’s rays so it won’t get stressed or shocked from the sudden change of environment.

First, have your fiddle leaf fig stay outside in the shade for a few hours a day for several days. Then, put it under direct sunlight for two or three hours daily and within a week.

If you see your FLF tree doing good and showing no signs of foliage burn, then you can expose it to 3 or more hours of full sun. Make sure that you observe the same watering habits (and possibly increase frequency) to compensate for the weather and plant needs.

Eventually you’ll be able to leave your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree outside in the summer without worrying about it. In the same vein you can pick a good spot for the plant in your yard, garden or patio and leave it there until fall is over and winter begins.

Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Go Outside?

fiddle leaf fig tree outside in summer

Potted fiddle leaf fig trees are more suited to going outside for the summer. If you don’t plan on transferring it to a spot in your yard permanently then the tree usually does fine when you put it out on hot days.

Transplanting to a permanent yard location is another thing altogether. You’ll want to make sure that you’re located within the recommended USDA zone (9 to 11) and have a spot in the yard that doesn’t get too hot nor too cold.

Remember, the temperature range of a fiddle leaf fig tree for it to grow and thrive is between 50 to 95 degrees F.

Fiddle leaf plants in containers can take full sun in the summer when you take the time to harden them.

However, if the day is forecast to have greater than 95 degrees then you’d want to put it in a shaded spot. This way the tree gets bright indirect light (which should be more than enough) without risking leaf burns and foliage damage.

Fiddle leaf fig tree outside in summer: Conclusion

Fiddle leaf figs don’t take to temperature fluctuations too well, so keep this in mind as well when you’re planning to take them outside.

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