How to Get Rid of a Swing Set

Maybe the kids have gotten older and no longer have any use for their swing set. Or maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Whatever the reason for wanting to get rid of a swing set, there are a lot of great options available to you.

MethodDescriptionKnow Before You Start
Dismantling and DisposalTake the swing set apart piece by piece and dispose of it. You may need tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, and a saw.– Time-consuming
– Requires tools
– Ensure proper disposal according to local regulations
Selling or DonatingIf the swing set is still in good condition, consider selling it or donating it to a family, school, or community center.– Must be in usable condition
– Transportation can be challenging
Recycling Metal PartsFor metal swing sets, dismantle and take the metal parts to a local scrap metal recycling center.– Only applicable for metal swing sets
– Some centers might pay for the scrap metal
RepurposingTransform parts of the swing set into something new, like a garden trellis, outdoor art, or a support for climbing plants.– Requires creativity and DIY skills
– May not be feasible for all parts
Hiring a Removal ServiceProfessional services can dismantle and remove the swing set for you.– Convenient but can be costly
– Ensure the service is reputable and environmentally responsible
Community Help ProgramsSome communities offer large item pick-up or disposal services. Check with your local waste management or community services.– Availability varies by location
– There might be a fee involved
Break Down for Curbside PickupDismantle the swing set into smaller pieces that can be taken away by regular trash services, if allowed in your area.– Must adhere to local waste management guidelines
– Involves physical labor
Offering for Free PickupList the swing set for free on local classifieds or social media platforms, indicating that the interested party must handle the removal and transportation.– Quick way to remove it
– No control over who picks it up

Choosing the right method depends on the condition of the swing set, available resources, and local regulations. Some methods require more effort or expense but can be more environmentally friendly or community-oriented.

How to Dispose of a Swing Set

1. Sell It

If the swing set is in good condition, other parents will be keen on picking it up at a good price. Here are a couple of tips to get it sold fast.

  • List on the right is great, so is the Facebook marketplace. List it on one or both services.
  • Link to the product– If you bought it on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, or wherever, put a link to the product in the description. People can see the value of the swing and read the original product listing. This helps affirm the value and why it’s a good deal.
  • Take a few great pictures– This helps people know exactly what they are getting. You don’t want to have someone come all the way out to your house only for them to discover that it’s not in the condition that they thought it would be in. There’s someone out there who will take it in any condition at the right price.
  • No Luck? Don’t list for free- People equate free to junk. Try listing it for a few bucks to get it moving.

2. Give it Away

Offer it to family first. You don’t want to have to explain to them that you gave away a swing set that they would have happily taken off your hands.

If you have a lot of young children in your neighborhood, just put up a few flyers indicating that there is a free swing set available in the neighborhood. Someone will come by and grab it.

You can call local daycares or churches and tell them that you have it. They may be happy to come and take it from you.


Swing Disposal

A SAWZALL will cut through most swing sets like a hot knife through butter. If it is in a condition that leaves it undesirable to people who might want to give it a second life, this is a great option.

Swing sets might be huge, but once you cut them up, they’ll usually make it out in a few trash days or less.

4. Junk Company

A local junk company will come and take it from you for a nominal fee. You can also try 800 got junk.

Or, You Can Restore it!