Growing Sago Palms: How Big do Sago Palms Get?

Sago Palms originate from Japan and grow well in warm areas of the states. They can also be kept as a houseplant and grow well in bright indirect light. These plants are popular as they look great in flower borders as they have lovely foliage.  If you’re looking to purchase one, you need to know how big sago palms get.

Sago Palms are long-lasting and can be passed down for generations. They are available in various sizes from florists and gardening stores. The Sago Palm can get quite large at maturity. Let’s look at the size of a sago palm.

How Big do Sago Palms Get?

Sago Palm Size

Sago palms are a large palm species native to Japan and other areas of Asia. They are grown as houseplants worldwide and are often found in yards where the climate is sunny enough. At maturity, the Sago Palm can get pretty large. They’ll grow to between three and ten feet tall and are generally about the same width.

Sago Palms must be planted in areas with a warm, humid and bright environment. They don’t like harsh sunlight as this can burn their leaves. These plants thrive in humid areas, so you’ll need to mist them to increase humidity if you’re keeping sago palms as a houseplant.

Sago Palms have particular watering requirements; you should wait until the soil has completely dried out before watering again. This will help to prevent root rot. It’s also a good idea to use a pot or container with drainage holes.

Sizes of Sago Palms

Sago Palm Height

Sago palms are available in different sizes and are relatively slow-growing. They grow between one and two inches every year as long as they’re kept in the correct conditions. How fast your Sago Palm grows will depend on environmental factors such as climate and humidity, as well as how well it’s cared for.

Small Sago Palms

A Sago Palm will take about two years to grow from a young seedling into a plant that fills a five-inch plant. This size of plant is commonly sold at florists and is often kept as a house plant.

Medium Sized Sago Palms

If you’re looking for a Sago Palm to grow on a patio, you may like to source a larger plant. A Sago Palm growing in a container that’s between three to five gallons will look great on your decking or patio and will create a tropical look. Medium-sized palms can also be kept as houseplants.

Flowering Sago Palms

Once a Sago Palm grows to cover an area of about six foot it will start to flower. Most plants only get to this size if they are planted in the ground rather than a pot or container. Sago Palms take about fifteen to twenty years to grow this big.

Mature Sago Palms

It takes about fifty years for a Sago Palm to reach maturity and grow to between ten and twelve feet tall. As well as being tall, these plants are also wide and have a leaf spread which is about the same as the height.


As you can see, Sago Palms do get very large in the right conditions. Plants grown in the ground generally get larger as they are not limited by pot size. These plants look great as they have lovely foliage and flower randomly after fifteen or twenty years. Sago Palms can be bought in various sizes if you don’t want to wait so long for your plant to grow.