Five-Year-Old Oak Tree Size: A Growers Guide

Oak trees are fantastic landscaping investments. They live for a long time, growing to magnificent sizes and becoming integral parts of your property’s history. 

If you’ve just started growing an oak tree, you may wonder how big the tree will one day become and if your tree is growing normally. Read on to learn everything you need to understand about a five-year-old oak tree size.

How Big Are Five-Year-Old Oak Trees?

Five-Year-Old Oak Tree Size

The size of a five-year-old oak tree depends on the species of the oak tree, as well as the environment in which the tree is growing. Some oak tree species grow extremely slowly, while others have a slightly faster pace. Oak trees will also grow at different speeds based on internal biological rhythms.  

Furthermore, oak trees exposed to enough sunlight and nutrition will grow quicker than trees that live under too much shade.


Slow-growing oak trees, such as white oak, grow about one to two feet each year and will be around five or six feet tall by their fifth year. On the other hand, an oak tree with a faster growth rate, such as a pin oak tree, could already be 10 or 12 feet tall by the time it is five years old. 

Trunk Circumference

In addition to height, oak trees also grow in trunk circumference. Regardless of the species, an oak tree’s trunk will not expand quickly. It can take decades for an oak tree to have a circumference larger than one foot. 

A white oak tree grows less than an inch in circumference each year. Typically, a five-year-old oak tree will be a little over three inches in circumference, or one inch in diameter. In contrast, since a pin oak tree grows quicker, a five-year-old pin oak will have a width of over five inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Five-Year-Old Oak Tree Size
The smaller the tree, the less the price.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about oak tree sizes. 

How long does it take for an oak tree to grow to full size?

Most oak tree species will take several decades to grow to full size. It can take 30 to 40 years for an oak to reach full maturity. However, maturity for an oak tree doesn’t mean it is fully finished growing.

While the height of an oak tree will reach a limit eventually, the diameter of the trunk will continue to grow until the tree dies. Oak trees live for hundreds of years, and they can become extremely thick over time. 

What is the fastest-growing oak tree?

The pin oak is the fastest-growing oak tree species. Also known as a Nuttall or red oak, the pin oak has a growth factor of three. Growth factors are numbers used to determine the age of a tree. The growth factor multiplied by the tree’s diameter gives you an estimated tree age. 

For instance, a pin oak tree with a 12-inch diameter would only be 36 years old. You can compare this growth rate to a white oak tree, which has a growth rate of five. A white oak tree with a 12-inch diameter would be around 60 years old, indicating a much slower growth pace than a pin oak. 

How can I make my oak tree grow faster? 

Several strategies can help your oak tree grow faster. Quality fertilizer will provide your oak tree sapling with essential nutrients and may encourage faster growth. Ensure that the oak tree’s roots are always covered with at least a few inches of soil.

You can also keep your oak tree healthy by watering it the appropriate amount—you only need to water oak trees around once a month.

Final Thoughts

Oak trees are majestic plants, but growing a young oak tree requires a lot of patience. Although your five-year-old oak tree size may seem diminutive, you can look forward to having a mighty oak tree in the years to come.