Reddish Evergreen Shrub: 6 Shrubs With Reddish-Green Leaves

A reddish evergreen shrub is a fabulous landscaping statement piece. For the ultimate red plant aesthetic, consider planting red evergreen shrubs.

Not only are red evergreen shrubs beautiful, but they keep their stunning leaves all year round. Various reddish evergreen shrubs are available to install in your yard, ranging in height, appearance, and species.

Reddish evergreen shrubs

Read on to learn more about the best reddish evergreen shrubs to plant in your garden. 

Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly bamboo, also known by its scientific name nandina domestica, will bring a charming pink hue to your yard. Heavenly bamboo sports white flower blossoms and bright red berries. The leaves on the shrub start purple but slowly transition to green and then pink during the fall.

Heavenly bamboo shrubs grow up to eight feet tall and four feet wide, making them an appropriate choice for a small or moderately-sized space. For the best foliage color, plant your heavenly bamboo in a spot that gets direct sunlight.


Canivily is a dark red shrub that is sure to stand out in any landscape design. This evergreen shrub is sometimes called a Christmas berry shrub due to its picturesque appearance, including red berries and vibrant leaf colors.

Similar to other red evergreen shrubs, the leaves on the Canivily plant range in color throughout the growth process. The leaves start as a stunning red and turn dark green as they age.

“Curly Red” Switch Ivy

Reddish Evergreen Shrub

The next red evergreen on our list is the “curly red” switch ivy, also known as “red curl” or the far more kooky name the mountain doghobble–which belies the shrub’s elegant appearance.

As the name “curly red” suggests, the switchy ivy leaves curl into an elegant point, and the tips of the leaves are a beautiful shade of crimson red. Throughout the year, more and more of the shrub leaves turn the radiant vermilion shade.


Reddish Evergreen Shrub

Pieris, also known by the galactic moniker of andromeda, is a popular landscape plant that sports explosive red foliage–inspiring such cultivars as “blush,” “mountain fire,” and “flaming silver.” 

As these names suggest, Pieris is incredibly beautiful. In addition to its crimson leaves, the shrub also blooms effusive white-pink blossoms that are remarkably similar to the flowers of the lily of the valley–inspiring another nickname, the “lily of the valley shrub.”

The only asterisk on Pieris is that the plant’s leaves are very toxic, which makes it a risk to keep on a property with pets or children.


Photinia is a collection of shrubs and trees that are as interesting as they are beautiful. Although the immense shrub doesn’t bear much visual resemblance to an apple tree or a rose bush, they’re all related–photinia is a member of the rose family, and it belongs to the tribe malinae, along with pears, apples, chokeberries, and hawthorns.

Most photinias are evergreen, though some shed their leaves–but regardless, you’re in for a treat if you catch a glimpse of their carnelian red leaves as they flower. And if you’re gastronomically adventurous, you can grab one of the photinia’s apple-like berries to make jam.

Burning Bush

The last shrub on our list isn’t a biblical plant, but it would be understandable if you made the mistake–the red-gold fall leaves are so striking that it’s an easy mistake to make.

The only complication in growing the plant, though, is that it is an invasive species. It has spread especially widely in the northeastern United States, and it is prohibited to buy the burning bush in several states.

Reddish Evergreen Shrub: Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of red and green and are looking to jazz up your garden’s landscape, you’re in luck–any of these evergreen plants on this list would make a lovely addition. In some cases, you might even get a snack out of it! All that remains, then, is to pick one and start growing!