Do Squirrels Eat Meat: Squirrel Diet Explained

Some people will tell you that squirrels don’t eat meat, while many others believe they do. Meat isn’t a natural part of most squirrels’ diets, although some species eat more meat than others. ‘do squirrels eat meat? Let’s find out.

There are many different varieties of squirrels, including European grey squirrels, American red squirrels, and flying squirrels. These are common visitors to gardens across the states. Squirrels are well known for eating nuts and burry a store to get them through the winters. They are also opportunists when it comes to food and will steal food or eat from vegetable plots.

Do Squirrels eat meat?

Flying Squirrels Eat Meat

Squirrels are omnivores which means they can eat a variety of vegetation and meat. Most squirrels don’t eat much meat unless they are fed meat or steal some from a pet bowl or a picnic. In the wild, squirrels will mainly eat nuts, berries, plants, and tree bark. Some species of squirrels may also eat insects, slugs, and snails from time to time.

Squirrels teeth

If you take a look at their teeth structure, it is easy to understand why some people may think that squirrels don’t eat meat. They have large front teeth that they use to nibble on nuts or berries. Squirrels’ teeth are adapted for gnawing rather than chewing. Their molars are also set up to make it easier for them to chew things like nuts and acorns.

However, just because they have these types of teeth doesn’t mean that they don’t eat meat. Squirrels are omnivores, which means that they will eat things like nuts and acorns, but they will also munch on insects or small animals if the opportunity presents itself.

Most species of squirrels are vegetarian most of the time. They eat a large number of nuts and seeds but will eat meat sometimes. Flying squirrels are more likely to eat meat than other species and have been known to raid birds’ nests and eat the eggs or even the baby birds. If food is scarce and a squirrel is hungry, it may eat some meat that it finds on a carcass.

What type of meat do squirrels eat?

Do squirrels eat meat

Squirrels don’t eat much meat, but may occasionally consume, insects, slugs, snakes, frogs, lizards, mice, baby birds, and roadkill. Most squirrels will only eat meat if it’s easy to find or catch or if other foods are scarce.

Some squirrels have adapted to living in urban environments where they cannot find foods that they would eat in more natural locations. These squirrels have adapted and eat whatever they can find, including meat scraps that they find in the garbage.

If a mother squirrel becomes stressed, she may eat her babies. Squirrels are very territorial animals, and male squirrels sometimes eat baby squirrels born in their territory; this helps keep rival squirrels in check and will mean that there will be less competition for food. These types of behaviors are more common if there are food shortages and the environment cannot provide enough food for a large population of squirrels.

Should I feed meat to a squirrel?

If squirrels regularly visit your yard and you want to feed these cute little critters, it’s best to give them nuts and seeds rather than meat. Squirrels will eat meat, but it doesn’t make up a large part of their diet in the wild.

If you feed a squirrel, you’ll soon discover that there isn’t much that they won’t eat, or at least try. That doesn’t mean you should give scraps of meat to squirrels as it may not be healthy for them in larger amounts.


Squirrels will sometimes eat meat if it’s available. In the wild, squirrels will consume plants, fruit, nuts, seeds, and fungus rather than meat. Flying squirrels are more likely to have an omnivore-styled diet, and it consists of insects, frogs, and baby birds on top of the nuts, berries, and seeds they also consume.

If you feed your dog or cat outside, it’s likely that squirrels or other wildlife will come to your yard looking for scraps. If you don’t want to encourage vermin, make sure you clean up after your pet.

It’s best not to feed squirrels large amounts of meat; instead provide bird seeds and nuts if you want to feed the squirrels in your yard or local park.

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