Do Squirrels Eat Chocolate

Squirrels are cute little rodents found worldwide, in forests, suburbs, and cities alike. Chocolate isn’t good for animals as it contains caffeine and another chemical compound known as “theobromine.” It’s well known that you shouldn’t give chocolate to cats or dogs. But do squirrels eat chocolate?

It’s best not to give chocolate to any animals, including squirrels, as it can cause heart muscle weakness. Squirrels are opportunistic feeders, which means they will often steal food. In some areas, squirrels have become so tame that they steal food from picnic tables or even shops. If you see a squirrel’s eating chocolate or nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie, it’s probably stolen it. This article will answer the question, ‘do squirrels eat chocolate?’

Can I Feed a Squirrel Chocolate

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate

There is an ingredient in cocoa beans called theobromine which is toxic to both dogs and cats as well as horses and birds. A typical chipmunk or squirrel diet consists of acorns and tree bark, so they don’t get much exposure to chocolate-containing foodstuffs. Chocolate is likely to be toxic to squirrels as well, and as they are smaller than cats and dogs, they will be affected after eating just a tiny piece of chocolate.

After eating chocolate, a squirrel’s heart will begin to race. This can be especially dangerous for young, old, or ill squirrels. A healthy squirrel may be able to survive after eating a small piece of chocolate, but it’s not recommended that you give chocolate to squirrels as it can cause seizures or cardiac arrest, which is fatal.

Other symptoms of chocolate poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, trembling, hyperactivity and muscle tremors. Squirrels are survivalists, and they seem to have a sixth sense which means they are unlikely to overeat dangerous foods. Like many animals, squirrels will avoid poisonous foods unless they cannot find other sources of food.

You can’t always stop squirrels from stealing food, but you should be aware of which foods can be dangerous for them. Don’t give squirrels any food that’s toxic and contains chocolate including, chocolate cake, cookies, chocolate-covered nuts, dark, white, or milk chocolate.

What do squirrels eat?

What to feed squirrel instead of chocolate

The common North American gray squirrel is one example of a rodent that belongs to the squirrel family. Gray squirrels are typically gray in color, ranging from white to black, and have a bushy tail.

Nowadays, gray squirrels are common in most areas of North America except arid regions. Squirrels typically eat nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, tree bark, and even insects. Squirrels are different from other animals as they don’t chew their food but rather gnaw it.

In the modern world, squirrels also eat birdseed that they steal from bird feeders in people’s yards. They are opportunistic feeders that will also steal food if they can get their paws on it. They may steal food from picnics, pet bowls, or garbage. Squirrels will also eat fruit and vegetables grown in gardens. For this reason, many gardeners take steps to deter squirrels.

If you don’t want to feed squirrels in your yard, you should buy squirrel-proof bird feeders and secure your trash can so that the squirrels can’t break-in. Your bird feeder needs to be well secured as squirrels are very persistent when it comes to stealing food!

What can I feed squirrels in my yard?

Many people find squirrels cute and want to feed them. It’s best to give squirrels healthy food, similar to what they would naturally find in the wild. Nuts, berries, and other fruits are healthy for squirrels and are a better option than cake, chocolate, and cookies.

Bird feeders placed in the front yard will attract squirrels easily, and you’ll be amazed by their acrobatics.


Chocolate can definitely cause problems in dogs and cats, but it would take a big dose over a short period of time to kill them. Chocolate can also cause issues for squirrels, so it’s best not to toss them a chocolate bar, cake, or cookies whenever they come begging.

If you want to feed squirrels in your yard, it’s best to choose a healthier food such as fruit or nuts. Squirrels don’t naturally eat chocolate as they wouldn’t have access to it in the wild.  If you are looking to get rid of squirrels, here are smells that squirrels hate, and here’s 11 ways to get rid of squirrels in the yard.   And, did you know that squirrels eat meat? Good luck!