Black Vernissage Tomato: What it is and How to Grow It

Black Vernissage tomatoes are a unique and unusual species. This heirloom tomato originates from Ukraine and has a sweet, smoky flavor and a unique stripy appearance. The fruit’s skin is green, black, and red. If you’re looking to grow something new this season, you may like to check out the black vernissage tomato, which can be cultivated from seed.

Black Vernissage tomatoes have increased in popularly in recent years and are grown around the globe. Let’s look at the features of this unique tomato. We’ll also tell you how to grow and care for a Black Vernissage tomato plant.

What is a Black Vernissage Tomato?

Black Vernissage Tomato
It’s easy to identify a black vernissage tomato (it’s in the center)

Black Vernissage tomatoes produce fruit with thick skins that are green and red. The fruit generally weighs between two and four ounces. They look great and are also tasty and have a sweet flavor, which has helped the species become so popular.

The Black Vernissage tomato plant is relatively easy to grow from seed and, in the right condition, is fast growing. These plants grow to between four and eight feet tall and produce a bountiful harvest as long as they get enough sunshine and water.

These tomatoes are edible, but it’s worth being cautious around the plants as some parts are toxic if consumed. Keep your pets and children away from your Black Vernissage tomato plants.

How to grow and care for a Black Vernissage Tomato Plant

Black Vernissage Tomatoes

Black Vernissage tomatoes are pretty easy to grow in the right climate and are low maintenance. These tomatoes will grow well across America, as long as they get some sun and warmth every day. You may need to mist your plants to improve humidity, but be careful that the leaves don’t get too wet, or they will rot. Here are some tips about caring for Black Vernissage tomatoes.

Watering and fertilizer

For best results, give your Black Vernissage tomato plant and organic fertilizer at the beginning of the growing seasons and water regularly. These plants don’t like to be dehydrated and won’t produce many fruits if they don’t get enough water. Don’t overwater your plants as the soil will become waterlogged, which is likely to cause the plants to wilt and the roots to rot.

Soil and location

Black Vernissage tomatoes grow best in well-draining soil that’s rich in nutrients. These plants grow best in the full sun, as they like warmer temperatures. However, they shouldn’t be exposed to scorching heat and will suffer if there’s a drought. You may like to grow your tomatoes in a pot so that they can be moved to a different location if they get too hot.

Temperature and Humidity

These plants prefer to grow in warm climates as long as they are kept adequately hydrated. Black Vernissage tomatoes are relatively tolerant of the temperature and humidity, but it’s best not to grow them in the scorching heat.

Diseases and Pests that affect the Black Vernissage tomato

Black Vernissage tomatoes are considered relatively resistant to pests and disease. As long as you grow them in clean, hygienic conditions, they will thrive. Ensure that your plants and fruits are clean and dry at all times. It’s a wise idea to inspect your plants regularly. Look out for any signs that insects have been feeding on or living on the plant. Also, look out for fungal infections, especially if you have been misting your plant or have overwatered it.

Cultivation tips

Black Vernissage tomatoes generally aren’t sold as seedlings, so you’ll need to cultivate them yourself from seed. It’s best to plant seeds at the beginning of spring, and you may like to start the seeds off indoors, depending on your climate. Wait until the weather gets better, and then move your plants outside.

Once you’ve grown a crop of Black Vernissage tomatoes, you can collect the seeds from the fruits, dry and store them for use next year. Only remove the seeds from ripe tomatoes and then wash them to ensure they are clean. You can dry the seeds out by leaving them on your windowsill in the sun before carefully storing the seeds in a cool, dry place until the next growing season.

When planting your seeds, use a well-drained potting mix and add some organic fertilizer. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and give them a good watering. You’ll then need to water your seed regularly to help with the germination process.

Once the seedlings have established themselves and the weather is better, you can move your plants outside. Wait until after the date of the last frost and put your plants in a warm place that has good sunlight. This will allow your plants to reach their maximum potential.

What are Black Vernissage Tomatoes used for?

Black Vernissage Tomatoes have a unique taste. They have a smoky, slightly acidic, or peppery taste but are also very sweet. These tomatoes are used in salads and sauces globally, and many chefs use this variety of tomatoes to add a kick to their dishes. These tomatoes can also be used as a topping for pizza. The fruits are meaty and have a rich flavor. These tomatoes can also be eaten on their own or made into an appetizer. They are a very healthy option which can be used as a side for the main course such as a steak or added to pasta.


Black Vernissage tomatoes are a unique and interesting plant. They have an attractive appearance and also taste great. You can add these tomatoes to many savory dishes and also eat them in a salad.

Black Vernissage tomatoes are generally considered easy to cultivate in your garden at home as long as you have a sunny spot. Be aware that the rest of the plant is relatively toxic and mustn’t be digested by humans or animals. If you’re interested in cultivating a Black Vernissage tomato plant, you can buy heirloom seeds online. The plants are low maintenance, so you don’t need any previous growing experience.