Best Time of Day to Cut Grass

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll likely be wondering what the best time of day to cut your grass would be. It’s best to mow your lawn regularly, but did you know that certain times of the day are better than others? When deciding when to cut your grass, you should take into account the temperature and whether any moisture is present in your yard. During the summer months, your lawn will grow faster and will need to be cut more often.

This article will discuss the best time of the day to cut your grass. We’ll also look at which times grass cutting should be avoided.


What is the best time to mow the lawn?

The best time to mow your lawn would be mid-morning. At this time, moisture that’s been caused by the morning dew will have evaporated. Wet grass can clog up your lawnmower, so it’s best to wait until the grass has dried off before you cut it.

Cutting the lawn during the mid-morning will also mean that you avoid the sun’s heat if you live in a very hot climate.

You may also like to cut your grass in the early afternoon as, by this time, the temperature would have reduced slightly. This means that it will be easier to cut your grass than if you were doing the job in the middle of the day.


Are there any times that should be avoided?

It’s a good idea to avoid cutting your grass in the middle of the day, as this is when the sun is at its hottest. Your grass will be drier at this time, so it can be cut without causing problems, but mowing a lawn in scorching temperatures is hard work.

The early morning isn’t a good time to cut your grass as it will be wet from the morning dew. This can make mowing difficult, as damp grass is likely to clog up your lawnmower. You should also avoid cutting your grass after it has been raining as your lawnmower could leave tracks in your yard and damage the grass.

Avoid mowing your lawn in the early evening as your grass won’t have enough time to recover before nightfall. During the night, your grass can be susceptible to developing diseases, and fungus can grow, which can damage your lawn. Therefore, it’s best to give your yard time to recover after you’ve mowed your grass.

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Do the Seasons Affect Lawn Mowing?

How often you mow your lawn and at what time will also be dependent on the seasons. During the spring and summer months, you should mow your lawn weekly. There’s likely to be more rain during the fall, which can result in increased growth, so you’ll need to keep cutting your grass regularly. There’s likely to be very little growth during winter, so you probably don’t need to mow your lawn.

Top Tip: Lay a hose pipe across your garden. When the grass starts to cover it, you’ll know that it’s time to mow your lawn. The time this takes will depend on factors such as the amount of rainfall, the temperature, and the season, all of which will affect the speed of growth. Ensure that you coil the hose pipe up before cutting your grass so that you don’t damage it.



As you can see, certain times of the day are better for mowing your lawn than others. In general, the mid-morning or early afternoon are the best times for grass cutting. This will depend on the climate you live in, as well as the season.

When cutting your grass, you should ensure that you have a good lawnmower and that the blades are sharp enough. This will make mowing your lawn a lot easier. Also, avoid cutting the grass when it’s wet, either due to morning dew or a torrential downpour as this can cause your lawnmower to clog.  You can even cut grass without a mower if you’re truly in a jam.