A Guide to the Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass

If you have a Bermuda grass lawn, it’s crucial to provide fertilizer throughout the growing season. Fertilizer helps to add nutrients to the soil and will result in a greener, healthier lawn. 

Bermuda grass is a popular choice for homeowners across America. It’s also prevalent in other countries, including South America, Australia, and India, and was initially imported from Africa in the 18th century. Let’s look at the best fertilizers for Bermuda. These products will help you maintain the health of your lawn and create a lush green yard. 

yukon bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is sometimes known as Wiregrass or Couch Grass and has the scientific name Cynodon Dactylon.  It can go by different brand names, such as Tiffany 419.

Bermuda grass is a warm season turfgrass that is commonly used for lawns. It can be planted as sod or using grass seed and is fast-growing and robust. 

Maintaining your Bermuda grass takes care and attention. You’ll need to aerate your lawn, mow it regularly and provide your grass with a good quality fertilizer that will provide nourishment for the grass. Bermuda grass should be fertilized in the early spring at the beginning of the growing season. 

In the summer, you can fertilize your lawn every four to eight weeks. You’ll need a good quality fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. 

There are so many different fertilizers available on Amazon, the Home Depot, or your local lawn and garden store. A daunting amount, in fact.  It can be challenging to know which one to use on a Bermuda grass lawn. You can’t go wrong with these picks.


Scotts Green Max Lawn Food 5,000 sq. ft

Scotts Green max lawn food is an excellent fertilizer for Bermuda grass. The Scotts brand is very high quality and reliable, and this fertilizer will bring noticeable results in just a few days. It will help your lawn grow strong grassroots and will create a dense lawn.

This product provides essential nutrients to your grass, including iron which helps create greener grass. Lawns which are deficient in iron will be weak, and the grass will turn brown. 

Scotts have created a dual-action formula that will help grass seeds and sod grow and will also eliminate weeds and pests from the soil. This great product will improve the health and look of your lawn. It should be applied every six to eight weeks throughout the growing season. 

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree: Best Plant Food for Plants & Trees

Humbolt's Secret Bermuda Fertilizer

Humboldts secret golden tree is an excellent fertilizer that can be used on Bermuda grass and many other types of plants, grasses, and trees. It’s an excellent formula that can be used to revitalize a dying lawn.

This product has been made using organic ingredients, including kelp. It contains essential minerals that help activate the plant’s enzymes and can promote photosynthesis in your Bermuda grass. It’s a great all-purpose soil additive that can boost the growth of your lawn.

The Andersons Professional PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer

Andersons Fertilizer is another excellent option for Bermuda grass lawns.

It’s a brilliant all-round fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This formula helps to create a smoother lawn with denser grass.

This fertilizer has very fine particles, which helps to enhance the distribution of the fertilizer. It also contains humic and fulvic acid to help nourish the soil and create healthy Bermuda grass.

This product slowly releases fertilizer which will feed your lawn for up to eight weeks. It’s easy to apply, and you’ll notice impressive results in just a few days.

MARPHYL Organic Liquid Soil Enhancer

Murphy liquid soil enhancer is an excellent fertilizer that’s made from seaweed. It’s an innovative product that can be used on Bermuda grass as well as other grass varieties. 

It can also be used for various indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients, which means it’s great for the environment. It also helps you to achieve impressive results.

This product has been fortified with essential nutrients that will help your lawn thrive. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The formula has been made from seaweed, including microalgae and phytoplankton, which help to nourish the soil.

This excellent fertilizer is suitable for regular use and can be applied every week if necessary.


The above fertilizers for Bermuda grass will boost the growth of your lawn and make it look healthier and greener than before. Bermuda grass needs care and maintenance if it’s to thrive.  If you’ve thrown down Bermuda sod, remember sod needs different fertilizer.  Here’s the top fertilizer for sod.

You’ll need to find a reliable fertilizer that can help keep your lawn in good condition. Always read the label before applying fertilizer to your yard. Most fertilizers need to be applied regularly, and every four to eight weeks is recommended. 

As well as fertilizing your lawn, you should also regularly aerate, overseed patchy areas and mow your lawn. With these top tips and the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, you may even find that your lawn is the envy of your neighbors!