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Are you caught up in choosing the best camping air conditioners for some outdoor fun activities with your family or a couple of friends? Well, camping is an excellent idea if you have a few free days ahead. However, you need to prepare well enough to make the experience enjoyable and memorable. One of the accessories you surely need is a camping air conditioner to keep that tent comfortable.

If you don’t own one already, there is no need to freak out. The market has way too many options, and you only have to make your choice. All you need is to know the best.

Let’s get a glance at our five best picks.


In a Hurry?  Quick Picks

Budget Alternative
Honeywell 300 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan &...
Honeywell 300 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan &...
Budget Alternative
Honeywell 300 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan &...
Honeywell 300 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan &...


Top Camping Air Conditioners:  Best Picks

Best Camping Air Conditioner Reviews

IcyBreeze Cooler Chill Package (B017DV8EP6)

IcyBreeze Cooler Chill Package (Green, 12V)
  • Rugged Polyethylene Construction. Ice Lasts up to 7 Days at Temps up to 90 When Not Using Air Conditioning. Holds 30lbs of Ice. 38qt Interior Holds 49 Cans.
  • Interior Dimensions: L-18.5 W-11.25 H-11| Exterior Dimensions: L-23.5 W-16.25 H-18.5 | Dry Weight: 16 lbs | Amp Draw: 1.0a - Low, 1.3a - Medium, 2.3a - High
  • 3 Speed Fan Blows up to 25 MPH. Integrated Vent and Stay Put Flexi-Hose.
  • IF YOU ARE PURCHASING SIZE 110V: The 110-Volt Power Adapter is designed to plug into standard US wall receptacles and run your IcyBreeze continuously. The 110-Volt Adapter will not charge your battery pack, the battery pack can...
  • IF YOU ARE PURCHASING SIZE 12V: The IcyBreeze 12-Volt Power Supply Cord plugs into the cigarette lighter/car charger in automobiles, planes, and boats for continuous cooling without using the rechargeable battery. This is...

If the temperatures at your camping destination are high, then the IcyBreeze Cooler Package is your best fit. With the equipment, you will not only be able to keep your tent cool but also the drinks you carry along and also preserve the perishable foods. It has cold water at the bottom of the tub, which serves as its cooling agent.

IcyBreeze features a 3-speed fan that circulates air at varying speeds, which can go as high as 25 mph. Also, it does not generate any heat, and this makes it suitable for use inside your tent to keep it cool continually. Besides, the cold air generated can be up to 35 degrees below the temperatures outside your tent.

The ideal camping companion requires a 12V power source, but has its rechargeable batteries, and comes with a battery charger. For this size, you can comfortably use the cooler by connecting it to your car cigarette lighter. The lighter will not charge the battery but allows you to use the IcyBreeze cooler continuously.

However, a bigger size is available, of 110V power adapter, but this can only be used near a wall receptacle, and so if you are not close to a stable electric power source, opt for the 12V size.


IcyBreeze Cooler Chill Pros

  • Has large interior dimensions
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has a wide range of other applications
  • Available in different sizes
  • Different power outlet options


IcyBreeze Cooler Chill Pros

  • Has a small air exit nozzle


GoCool 12V Portable Air Conditioner (B00DMR4HBG)

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For...
  • The ONLY patented, portable, ice water air conditioner on the market.
  • Holds 4, one gallon jugs, 9 two liter bottles, or 40 lbs. of bagged ice
  • NO exhaust! Dose NOT produce heat!
  • Programable Thermostat

While camping, you may be settled in one location or keep moving. Whichever the case, GoCool portable air conditioner will serve you just right with a retractable handle and rolling casters to move with it comfortably. The equipment requires a 12V power source, ice, and water to run. You will love its dehumidifying effect as the warm air in your tent is replaced by cold air from the unit.

The unit can hold up to 9 two-liter bottles, one-gallon jugs (4), and 40 lbs. of ice that keeps it generating cold air.


GoCool 12V Portable Pros

  • Easy to move around with the air conditioner
  • Functions quietly
  • Has automatic settings for high and low
  • Does not generate heat
  • Does not require coolant chemicals


GoCool 12V Portable Cons

  • Ice melts relatively fast and needs frequent replacement
  • Cannot work effectively for large tents
  • Does not cool tents evenly


Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Tent Air Conditioner (B00W2KG92Y)

No products found.

If you are using a 150 square feet tent for your camping, then a Frigidaire air conditioner will be a perfect option for you. The air conditioner works while mounted at the window and can dehumidify the tent quite fast. The best thing about the unit is that it will not only make the inside cool but also filter any bacteria, leaving you with clean and fresh air.

The 5000 BTU cooler requires 115V power source and comes with a 6.5 Ft. long power cord and mounting kit. It also features a 2-way air direction, two cool speeds, and two fan speeds.


Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Pros

  • Functions quietly
  • Easy to start
  • It is energy efficient
  • Features mechanical rotary controls
  • Filters bacteria


Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Cons

  • Requires access to electricity


Arctic Cove MBF0181 18-Volt Bucket Top Misting Fan (B01LZFWXWB)

Arctic Cove MBF0181 18-Volt Two Speed Misting Bucket Top Fan...
  • Arctic Cove MBF0181 18-Volt Bucket Top Misting Fan with 2 Speeds and Quiet Performance Pump (Battery and Charger Included)
  • Minor cosmetic imperfection on top, front or sides of item. Minor cosmetic imperfection on bottom or back of item. Item may or may not come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged.

For anyone looking to buy portable air conditioner that will allow different charging options, choose Arctic Cove Bucket Top air conditioner. The fan features a battery that can maintain it for two and a half hours when turned on at full strength. The equipment is cordless, and you only need to charge the battery before your camping adventure and have additional batteries if need be.

However, when camping near an electric source, you can plug the fan into an outlet and save the cost of additional batteries.


Arctic Cove MBF0181

  • Can last up to 7 hours when set at low strength
  • Generates cool mist
  • Allows multiple power options


Arctic Cove MBF0181 Cons

  • You need to carry along gallons of water
  • The unit can be noisy
  • Getting additional batteries can be expensive


Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler with Fan Tent Air Conditioner (B00IINNL9I)

Honeywell 300 CFM Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan &...
  • 3-in-1 Design: Evaporative air cooling, fan, and humidification ideal for areas with <60% humidity, providing spot cooling for small areas such as your bed, desk, sofa space, or dining table
  • Extra Safety Features: With 10+ years in manufacturing safe appliances, Honeywell Air Coolers include thermal overload protection and heat-safe internal casing for added safety and peace of mind
  • Powerful Portable Cooling: Portable air cooler has 2.6-gallon water tank for easy cleaning and refilling with a convenient digital display, carbon dust filter, and energy-saving timer
  • Environmentally Friendly: Super low electricity consumption and refrigerant-free cooling allow you to save energy and money while reducing costs compared to whole-house AC
  • Not an Air Conditioner and Not Just a Fan: No-compressor cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation, allowing you to mimic the comfort of a cool lake breeze in your home; Air cooler is not an air conditioner and should...

The Honeywell portable air conditioner serves multiple functions, including being a fan, humidifier, and an evaporative cooler. If you are camping in hot and dry areas, then the unit is a perfect fit for you as it performs best under such conditions. The equipment takes care of not just the temperatures in your tent but also your safety by having features such as the heat-safe internal case and thermal overload protection.

You will love having it around as it contains an active carbon filter that captures pollutants such as dust and odors, keeping the air fresh and clean.


Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler Pros

  • Has a low power consumption
  • Large water gallon that can last up to 8 hours
  • Compact and portable
  • Caster wheels make movement easy
  • Has washable filters that rid pollutants
  • Easy to operate with remote control
  • Five-speed settings
  • Digital display



  • Only cools the immediate area


Camping Air Conditioner:  Buyers Guide

Tent Air Conditioner Buyer's Guide

The majority of people love to go camping during the summer, and the experience may not be that exciting if you will be relaxing in your hot tent with all the sweating. Odors are also a possibility, especially if your group is not quite hygiene-conscious.

So what’s the right way to go? Getting the best camping air conditioner takes care of everything.

With the right piece, you will be sure to relax in your tent or even car without the heat draining up your camping energy.

However, be sure to find numerous options in the market, but obviously, not all will serve you to the best. Taking time to familiarize yourself with the features will be quite useful, so you will know what features to check.

We took the time to make everything easy for you while you are on your journey to the best camping air conditioner. Here is what you will consider.


Look for the Right Size

The size goes hand in hand with the weight, and in this case, you want the lightest. Nobody wants to carry heavy luggage for just a few days of camping. You will find a perfect air conditioner that is light in weight and serve your purpose just right. Some air conditioners have caster wheels that will help a great deal since you do not have to put the entire load on you.

Also, you need to factor in the space available in your tent as you choose the unit. If your camping tent is just a few square centimeters, then a small appliance will be okay. You can look for a chart to show you the number of BTUs of the air conditioner that will be appropriate for what size of a room.

Also, the size could mean the appliance’s cooling capacity, which is a significant consideration as well. British Thermal Units, often denoted as (BTU) are the units of measurement used for air conditioners’ cooling capacity. According to experts’ recommendations, 20 BTUs should be adequate for one square foot.


Check Its Source of Power and Consumption Rate

Many people love to go camping in isolated places where there most probably are no electricity power sources. However, if you are lucky to have your car with you, then power may not be of much concern for you. Most portable air conditioning units can work when connected to the car cigarette lighter. However, do not assume it is an obvious option. Check if the package contains compatible adapters for this.

The air coolers use different power sources, with some strictly designed for electric power. Others have multiple options, including rechargeable batteries. Depending on where you will be camping, choose an appliance whose power consumption will be easy to support.

Check how long the batteries last and also see the power consumption rates of the equipment before deciding if it will serve you effectively.

Some may have features that help you save on the power cost, such as the programmable thermostat. With such, the AC will automatically switch off when the temperature reaches the set level, and it doesn’t have to keep running when the conditions are bearable.


Think About the Noise

Generally, air conditioners make noise. However, this does not mean you will have some sleepless nights all through your camping week. The noise produced varies depending on the unit you have, so take note while shopping. Some only make a background noise that is even not easily noticeable, and such are the best.

Noise is a common aspect of the majority of models available. Therefore, manufacturers who have made some effort to minimize it in their brand will most probably mention it. Remember to check it out on the air conditioner’s essential features if you don’t get the chance to test the AC.


Check Its Ease of Use

Most of the camping air conditioners are easy to figure out their operation, although others have features that make them even more convenient. For instance, you may find the remote control feature quite useful as you can control the appliance at your comfort without having to reach out to it. One of the crucial operations is setting the temperatures and adjusting the appliance’s strength.

Go for the facility with the best features for the convenience of use, or you can alternatively learn to use before you buy as they are usually simple tasks.


Consider the Cost

Buyers always expect the products they are buying to deliver the value for the amount spent on them, and you expect the same in this case. The conditioners come at different prices, and it can be anything between $150 and $800. The capability, features, and size of the appliance are the main determinants of the cost.

Here, you can compare the prices for your top brands from different sellers to see how they compare. In any case, you will only take home what you can afford.


Check for Additional Features

While the primary purpose of the air conditioner is maintaining the room or tent cooled, it could serve other pursuits that make your stay comfortable. For instance, the Honeywell portable evaporation cooler features an active carbon filter that rids the air of pollutants in addition to keeping the room cool.


Check for Warranties

You do not expect the best camping air conditioner to develop faults soon, but it is good to be on the safe side. Anything can happen. As such, do not close the deal with a seller without checking the warranty terms. Some manufacturers offer more extended warranty periods, and this will always be better for you.


Conclusion: Best A/C Unit for Camping

It is not just about getting air conditioning equipment. For a pleasant experience, you need the best camping air conditioner. Most of the camping ACs will have similar features, but there will be the best overall.

In our review, we found the IcyBreeze cooler chill package the best appliance to have for your camping. Its large size and ability to accommodate drinks and other perishables are among the features that make it the top-notch portable camping air conditioner. I bet a cold drink over that summer camping week sounds like a good thing for you too.

IcyBreeze air conditioner has power options, and models fit for people with electricity power hookups and those camping away from electricity. You only need to connect the unit to your car cigarette lighter, and you can use it continuously. Its 3-speed fan is the best and can achieve speeds over 20 mph, which only translates to better cooling.


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