Are Coffee Grounds a Good Fertilizer for Orchids? [Yes + How to Do it Right]

Coffee grounds are often used as a fertilizer for Orchids and other plants. If you’re a coffee addict, you can take advantage of this great product which would otherwise have been discarded.

If you like to grow orchids, you may like to use coffee grounds to help your plants grow and bloom. This article will answer the question, ‘are coffee grounds a good fertilizer for orchids. We’ll look at the benefits of using coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer to improve soil quality and allow your orchids to thrive.

Fertilizing Orchids with Coffee Grounds

You Can Fertilize Orchids With Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen which is a common nutrient found in commercial fertilizers and is one of the main soil nutrients needed for plant growth. Adding coffee grounds to your compost or directly to the soil around an orchid allows you to add organic materials to your soil to help your plants thrive.

As coffee grounds decompose, their nutrients will be absorbed by the soil, which will feed your plants. Coffee grounds also help lower the soil’s pH level, increase the acidity of the soil and create the perfect environment for orchids to grow. As Orchids are acid-loving plants that do best in soil with low alkaline content, they will benefit from coffee grounds.

There are many benefits of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer for orchids. One of the main ones being that you’ll save money on fertilizers. Coffee grounds are also beneficial as they attract helpful organisms such as worms which will improve the soils’ structure and aerate the soil. Microorganisms also help to break down the coffee grounds and move the nutrient around. This makes watering the plants easier, and your orchid will be able to absorb the coffee grounds’ nutrients.

Coffee grounds also help to suppress weeds which will compete with your orchid for resources such as nutrients, water, and air. Some common yard pests, including snails and many ant species, are repelled by coffee grounds.

How to Fertilize Orchids Using Coffee Grounds

It’s very straightforward to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for orchards, and you won’t need any special tools or equipment. There are a few different ways to use coffee grounds to feed your orchids and other plants.

Mix into the soil

The easiest way to apply coffee grounds is to add them to the soil that’s surrounding the plant and wait until they decompose. As the plant is watered, nutrients will seep into the soil and feed the plant. Microorganisms and worms will also move the coffee grounds around.

Mixing coffee grounds into the soil is a long process as the grounds will have to decay before the orchard can absorb and benefit from them. You’ll also need microorganisms in your soil to allow the plants to get the nutrients. You could also try liquid humate, which is also a fantastic (and gentle) fertilizer

Make compost using coffee grounds

You can also add coffee grounds to your compost heap, along with other food scraps and garden waste. Wait until this mixture has rotted down sufficiently, and then apply it to your plant’s topsoil. You can also add this compost to your potting mix when planting orchids. The compost will provide nutrients for your orchids and will also form part of the soil. When using coffee grounds, you should ensure that the percentage of coffee grounds to soil ratio is less than 25%.

Compost can have a variety of ingredients that you may have not even thought of.  You can even use clams as compost.

Create a liquid fertilizer

Another great way to use coffee grounds is to make a water-soluble fertilizer. After brewing your coffee, you can use cold water to make fertilizer to water your orchids with. Before giving the mixture to your plants, allow it to sit for 24 hours. You can then filter the grounds and apply the liquid mix to your soil to provide your plants with the nutrients they require. Water-soluble fertilizers can be quickly and easily absorbed by your plants. Your orchard will have instant access to the nutrients from the coffee grounds and won’t have to wait for it to decompose.


Coffee grounds make an excellent fertilizer for orchids and many other plants that like low alkaline soil. Using coffee grounds will help you save money and allow you to use a waste product. Coffee grounds can also deter pests, stop weeds from taking over and allow orchards to bloom and thrive.

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