A Guide to Outdoor Plants That Produce the Most Oxygen

Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus creating the air we breathe. Human life needs plants to survive, and some plants produce more oxygen than others. Some plants not only produce oxygen but also help eliminate toxins from the environment. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have house plants and a variety of outdoor plants in your yard. Plants not only look great and create a nice landscape, they are also helpful for the environment.

If you’re wondering which outdoor plants generate the most oxygen read on. This article will discuss the outdoor plants that produce the most oxygen.

Outdoor Plants That Produce the Most Oxygen

If like most people, you immediately think of large trees when pondering which plants produce the most oxygen, you’d be wrong. In fact, the plant that’s able to create the most oxygen is a tiny Phytoplankton. This one-cell plant is a marine plant that grows near the surface of the ocean. Research shows that phytoplankton can supply the world with between 50 to 85% of its oxygen needs.

Everyone on earth is dependent on oxygen from marine plants to survive, even if they live far from the ocean. This is because a large surface of the planet is covered with water.

If you’re a gardener, you’re likely more interested in leafy plants than marine algae. Trees, plants, and shrubs all release oxygen into the air through their leaves.

Leaves create approximately five milliliters of oxygen every hour. If you’re looking to grow oxygen-producing plants, choose species that have larger leaves and more leaves. A tree or plant with an abundance of large leaves will produce more oxygen than a plant with sparse foliage.

So, which outdoor plants produce the most oxygen?

If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, you may like to fill your yard with air purifying and oxygen-producing plants. Choose plants that are right for your climate so that they will thrive. All plants produce oxygen, but choosing larger varieties and plants with large leaves will help increase oxygen production. You may like to consider the following plants:

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Produces a lot of oxygen

Peace lilies are lovely plants that are common house plants. They can be grown outdoors in the right climate. If you live in a warmer region that doesn’t get too cold in the winter, you can plant peace Lilly’s in your flower borders, and they will grow quite large.

Peace Lilly’s are easy to grow and also have lovely flowers throughout the year. These plants like shady areas but can also be grown in partial sun. They have large green leaves which are glossy and produce lots of oxygen.

Bamboo Plant

Plants that Produce a lot of oxygen

Bamboo is an excellent plant as it helps to purify the air and can also be used to create shade. Bamboo loved to grow in sunny areas and needs to get enough sunlight in order to thrive. It can grow very tall and will typically grow to between four and twelve feet at maturity.

Bamboo will also attract birds to your yard as this plant has leaves that are great for nest-building materials.

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Boston Fern

Boston Fern

The Boston fern loves to grow in bright sunny areas and thrives in direct sunlight. It has lovely leaves which are able to produce a lot of oxygen and can also remove toxins from the environment. If you decide to plant Boston Fern’s you’ll need to take good care of your plants and keep the soil moist.

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Areca Palm

Areca Palms Produce lots of oxygen

The areca palm produces oxygen and can also remove pollution from the air that is dangerous to human health. These plants generally grow very tall and can get as tall as twelve feet tall in the right conditions.

If you’re thinking of buying an areca palm, look out for a plant with a broad and healthy-looking trunk. Sometimes, areca plants are sold with thin or undersized trunks, which can cause them problems as they grow. A thin trunk won’t be able to support a tall, healthy palm.

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Dwarf Date Palm

Dwarf Date Palm

Another lovely palm tree is the dwarf date palm which is long-lasting and gives a tropical feel to any yard. These plants like to grow in an area of semi-direct sunlight and don’t like the cold weather. Dwarf date palms are excellent at producing oxygen and removing chemicals from the atmosphere. They are great at getting rid of xylene from the air.

It’s also worth noting that the dwarf date palm has sharp spines located at the base of the plant’s leaf stem. It can be sore if you touch these spikes, so it’s best not to get a dwarf date palm if you have children or pets.


Things to Consider Before You Buy

Outdoor plants can be bought from your local nursery. It’s essential to do your research before purchasing plants. Check what size the plant is likely to grow to at maturity to determine whether you have enough space in your yard. It’s also wise to consider the light levels in your home. You don’t want to buy a tree that ends up getting very large and then blocks the light out of your home.

You can also do some research on plant care and particularly irrigation, before choosing plants. Some plants like to be in the full sun, while others like shaded areas or partial shade. They also have varying needs when it comes to soil type and pH range.


There are many different plants that produce large amounts of oxygen. Choosing a plant with lots of large leaves will help add oxygen to the atmosphere. Some plants not only produce oxygen but also remove toxins from the air.

It’s wise to research your plants carefully before you buy, as some plants will struggle in certain climates. Ensure that you know how big the plant is going to get when mature, especially if you’re buying trees. Plants also have varying care requirements that can be researched before purchasing.

If you are looking for plants for the office that produce a lot of oxygen, check out our guide to plants that can survive in a windowless office.

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