Ten Great Plants for an Office With No Windows

Most people spend hours every day in their offices, and some offices don’t have any windows. Having no natural light, view of nature, or fresh air can have an effect on your health and well-being. If you work in an office without windows, filling the space with plants can help to create a welcoming office space that’s nicer to work in. Plants produce oxygen and can help improve your health.

While most plants need to see the sun to survive, many can grow even if you don’t have a window in your office. Adding one of these top ten plants for an office with no windows can help make work more bearable.

The best plants for an office with no windows

Here are some plants that don’t need the sun to survive. They get all their nutrients from the soil, water, and air and can thrive even if you don’t have a window. These plants will help improve your mood and allow you to experience a greater feeling of well-being. You may even find that you’re more productive if you have plants growing in your office.

Zamioculcasi or ZZ Plant

Plants for an Office with no Windows

The ZZ plant has waxy leaves that are small and delicate. These plants are very easy to care for, survive without seeing the sun, and thrive in low-light areas. The ZZ plant is excellent for offices without windows as it doesn’t like to be in direct light or full sun. These plant’s leaves will turn yellow, and the plant will eventually die if they get too much sun.


Succulents Office no Windows

Another plant species which thrives in artificial light is succulents. Allow succulent varieties are easy to care for and do well in offices. Just be careful not to overwater your succulents.


Sansevieria Office Plant

The Sansevieria is a house plant that is found in the wilds of Africa. It’s more commonly referred to as the snake plant or snake tongue due to its appearance.

These plants have light green leaves that grow very tall and have dark green lines, making them look like snakeskin. Sansevieria is prone to root rot, so you’ll need to be careful not to overwater the plant.

Snake plants are perfect for offices without windows as they don’t like too much sunlight and do well with artificial lights.



Pothos will also grow well if your office has no windows. These plants look lovely and grow well in areas that don’t get much natural light. Pothos has long vines which hang down from a shelf.



If you love tropical plants, you may like to consider choosing a lovely philodendron plant. These large plants grow well, even in a dark cubicle. They have heart-shaped leaves which look great and will brighten up any space. Philodendron can grow up to three feet tall and six-foot feet wide in the right conditions. They thrive in either natural or artificial light. If you have a large office, the philodendron is the plant for you!

Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant

The peacock plant’s scientific name is Calathea makovana. It’s been named after a peacock as it has vivid leaves, which are various shades from light to dark green. The leaves also have a unique pattern which means that they can almost be mistaken for peacock feathers.

These plants are perfect for offices without windows as they are affected by the sun, and too much natural light can change the color of their leaves and make them look dull or pale.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily office no windows

The Peace Lily’s scientific name is spathiphyllum; this beautiful plant has dark green, shiny foliage and grows lovely white flowers throughout the year.

Peace lilies do well in shaded areas and don’t like direct lights, which makes them perfect for offices without windows. These plants can grow up to 24 inches high, while some species grow as much as 40 inches in height.

Peace lilies can reach their full potential under fluorescent lights in an office environment. These plants act as a natural air purifier and help to bring a sense of calm to the office.

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

The maidenhair ferns are very unique. Their scientific name is adiantum, and they have tiny leaves which sprout from vines that look almost like hair. These plants look great and are very popular amongst homeowners. They can also be grown in offices., even if you don’t have any windows.

The maidenhair fern can be affected by the types of water you give it. These plants don’t like hard water and do best when they are provided with distilled water. That means you’ll need to filter the water before giving it to your plant rather than getting water straight from the faucet.

Be careful not to overwater a maidenhair fern as they are prone to root rot. These plants like to live in shaded areas and don’t like direct sunlight, which means they do well in offices with artificial light. They prefer a humid climate.

English Ivy

English Ivy

English ivy can be used to spruce up your office. It grows well in artificial light as long as it has good quality soil and is watered regularly. English ivy’s a climber which will hold onto the wall or shelving and, over time, will spread across the wall, creating a natural work of art. The only downside to the English ivy is that the plants can cause structural damage if they dig into the walls. You’ll need to give your plant something to hold onto, such as shelving or brackets, or it will insert its roots between the brickwork and, over time, cause damage to the buildings.


While most plants do like to feel the sun on their leaves and thrive in natural light, there are many that will also grow well in artificial light. If your office doesn’t have any windows, the above plants will flourish as long as they are cared for, grown in the correct soil type, and watered regularly.

Having plants in your office can help improve your mood, health, and well-being and create a more inspiring space. You may find that you’re more productive if you have plants in your office. Plants also help to purify the air as they release oxygen into the atmosphere.

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