Will Zoysia Overtake Bermuda?

Bermuda and Zoysia are popular warm-season grass types. While Bermuda is a traditional option for most homeowners, Zoysia has recently gained popularity because of its denser turf and superior resistance to diseases and pests. But if you plant both, will Zoysia overtake Bermuda? While this might sound like a pointless question, it might be worth it for you to learn the answer. Indeed, due to Bermuda’s aggressivity, it can be hard to get rid of it: some seeds will remain even after eradication, making it challenging for other grasses to establish. Also, Bermuda is a fast grower, making it harder to contain.

But what can you do to mix these two types of grass effectively? And which one will choke the other one out if necessary? To explore the answers to these questions, keep reading this essential guide.

Will Zoysia Overtake Bermuda?: Switching from Bermuda to Zoysia

Will Zoysia Overtake Bermuda?

Growing turf from seeds can be a challenging task that requires controlled conditions. When switching from one grass type to another, your best option is overplanting. Stripping and then replanting turf will not be the best idea for your lawn because Bermuda is aggressive and hard to eliminate.

If you have Bermuda grass on your lawn and want to change it for the more resistant and softer Zoysia, you will have to be patient. While Zoysia can overtake Bermuda over time, you’ll have to control the latter and wait for at least two years for the new grass to establish on the ground. Also, remember to plant Zoysia in the late spring to gain time to adapt to the new environment before receiving intense sun.

Before planting (remember to choose sods, plugs, or sprigs rather than seeds), you must remove the plants of Bermuda grass and aerate the ground. Then, add compost and manure mixed with some starter fertilizers to increase the chances of Zosyia to establish. While it might be hard for Zoysia to overtake Bermuda in the shady area of your lawn, if you can give it at least five hours of sunlight per day, you will have better chances for both to thrive.

Keep in mind that Bermuda needs maintenance and control for Zoysia to spread. As the latter takes time to get established, planting Zoysia can be slow. However, it will be worth your time. To speed up the process, you can add some fertilizer. To control Bermuda Grass, you’ll have to go to the extent of removing deep rhizomes or killing them with herbicides.

Is Zoysia Better than Bermuda?

Will Zoysia Overtake Bermuda?

As you may have noticed, giving a definite answer to the question “will Zoysia overtake Bermuda?” is not as easy as it sounds. Indeed, both types of grass are resistant and sturdy. The main difference is the growth speed that makes Bermuda more likely to take over. Also, their appearance is slightly different.

Zoysia has superior resistance to diseases and pests, making it attractive for homeowners who cannot spend too much time taking care of their lawn. With that said, defining which one is better depends on the conditions you live in and on your personal preferences. For any grass to thrive, you have to meet its growth requirements.