Will Hostas Grow Under a Cedar Tree?

What is great about hostas is that several textures, heights, colors, and sizes are available. They also fit into many types of gardens (shade, rock, container, border, and patio) and are a bit hardy. Most varieties have heights and spreads of around 1 and 3 feet. The leaf colors range from; lime green to blue-green and even variegated white.

The shape and textures are also varied, ranging from narrow and smooth to ridged. That said, what is the ideal place to grow them? Can hostas grow under a cedar tree? Yes, hostas can grow under cedar trees like red cedar and Himalayan cedar.

keep this in mind when planting hostas under a cedar tree

Will Hostas Grow Under a Cedar Tree?

As mentioned earlier, Hostas are hardy and tough plants that tend to grow well under most trees, including cedar trees. However, to keep both plants healthy, plant hostas in between cedar roots and do not cut the big cedar roots when you plant.

Also, when they are still young and yet to form a mat, try to mulch between them to conserve moisture. Similarly, because hosta roots compete with bigger cedar roots for water, give supplemental water to the hostas as they are still young and trying to establish themselves. Do the same during dry spells too.

Hosta Types

Depending on the type and size of cedar trees, most hosta plants work quite well underneath. Large and leafy types such as the “Blue Umbrellas” that do well in USDA zones 3 to 8 can grow up to around three feet tall.

They also have a spread of around 4-foot which provides a fantastic accent and appearance under a 50-foot cedar tree. Cedars that do not have flowers can be enhanced by the traditional lily hostas that grow in USDA zones 3 to 9 and produce fragrant white flowers in summer.

Benefits of planting Cedar Trees and Hostas together

Hostas under cedar trees form mats that act as green mulch by shading off weeds and optimizing the moisture retention capacity of the soil underneath. They also prevent lawn mowers from damaging cedar tree trunks and help prevent soil erosion on slopes. Similarly, cedar trees give hostas shade, shielding them from direct sun rays.

The Right Type of Hostas to Grow under Cedar Trees

Cedar trees’ size determines how hosta plants will grow. The species with large leaves like the blue hosta can quickly grow up to 3 feet tall with a width spread of around 4 feet under a normal-sized cedar tree. Also, because Himalayan cedar does not grow flowers, the hostas’ Foliage usually adds an appealing feature to the trees.

Tips for Hosta Care

Besides leaf rot and crown rot, most Hosta plants are usually disease-free. This means that once they start growing, they only need basic maintenance. So, fertilize them during spring with an all-purpose fertilizer to keep them healthy. Extra summer fertilizing may be required, but it is not a must. And do not allow granular fertilizers to stay on the leaves for long.

If there Is a deer problem in your area, try to plant daffodils around the hosta to keep the animals off. They like them a lot and might end up feeding on a considerable chunk. Another challenge in hosta care Is slugs. They usually leave bad-looking holes in the plant’s leaves. To counter them, scatter some sand around the plant to keep them at bay.

How long does a cedar tree live?

Between 500 to 1,000 years

How do I protect cedar trees?

As mentioned earlier, cedar trees love water, and the best way to do this is to water them well after the leaves have dropped or into the fall.

Do cedar trees prevent bugs?

Cedar trees have been used for centuries to inhibit or repel insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, certain ants, moths and termites.

What do cedar trees and hosta plants represent?

Will Hostas Grow Under a Cedar Tree?

Resilience and audacity. The two symbolize strength. In Lebanon, the cedar tree serves as a cultural symbol for resilience. Artists and Poets have used the two to show eternity and strength. This is particularly true if you consider cedar’s tolerance through challenging periods of history.

Will Hostas Grow Under a Cedar Tree?: Bottom line

Hosta is not only a great addition to any garden, but they also fit well in different spaces. Care is also simple and does not require spending so much time on them.