12 Flowers That Symbolize Strength and Courage

In today’s world of sentimentality, many people use flowers as a symbol of love. But did you know that flowers also have other meanings? Many flowers symbolize strength, bravery, and courage.

If you have a friend or family member going through a tough situation or life-changing event, giving them a gift of flowers representing strength is a nice touch.

Flowers that Symbolize strength

Here is a list of some of the flowers that symbolize strength and courage!

White Geranium

Flowers that symbolize Strength

The white geranium is a flower that symbolizes strength. It’s also known to assist with depression and anxiety. This flower is perfect for someone who needs a little lift in their life.

African Daisy

African daisies are flowers that symbolize belonging, wisdom, strength, purity, and simplicity. The African daisy is often used to honor someone who is no longer with us. It can also be used in wreaths for memorial services and can help bring strength to loved ones. When you give this flower to someone, they know that it symbolizes how much they are appreciated and loved no matter what they’re going through.


Lavender Flowers symbolize strength

Lavender is a flower that symbolizes wisdom, intellect, and inspiration. You can give a lavender plant or a mixture of lavender flowers as it’s both beautiful and would bring strength to the person you’re giving it to.


Red tulips are a flower that symbolizes love, beauty, enthusiasm, and courage. They are often given to loved ones as gifts, but the meaning behind them is that it would give strength to those who are having a tough time.


Flowers that symbolize courage

Sunflowers are flowers that symbolize love, happiness, strength, and pure thoughts. You can give someone you know either an actual sunflower or mix sunflowers into another bouquet of flowers. Sunflowers represent optimism and the desire to be strong.

Sunflowers are resilient too, they can grow almost anywhere, such as the dune sunflower pictured above.

Calla Lily

The calla lily symbolizes beauty, innocence, and purity. The meaning behind giving someone calla lilies is that it would make them feel beautiful and remind them how loved they are. The calla lily is a great flower to give to people going through difficult times in their life.


Flowers that Symbolize Strength

‘Every rose has its thorn.’ Roses remind us that there is good and bad, light and dark in life. Roses symbolize love and they can be given as a gift to loved ones as it would help them stay strong through whatever life throws at them.


Strength Symbolize Flowers

Bluebells are flowers that symbolize cheerfulness, youth, and hope. They’re also associated with happiness and kindness. This flower is perfect to give someone you know who’s having a tough time. The bluebells would remind them that they’re young at heart and can be brave and courageous.


Daisy’s symbolize innocence, simplicity, and gentleness. Daisy’s are also associated with luck and happiness. You can give someone you know daisies as it would cheer them up in their time of need. With the meaning behind the daisy, you can rest assured they will feel better knowing how much love they have around them.



The primrose is a flower that symbolizes strength, motivation, and an ‘I can do it’ attitude. Primroses are also associated with hope. Primroses are a flower that symbolize positivity and courage, which means they would be perfect to give someone going through a tough time as it would help them stay strong and optimistic!


A poppy is a flower that symbolizes honor, strength and loyalty. Giving the gift of poppies is a great way to tell someone you’re thinking of them. They are associated with giving strength to those who have lost loved ones as well, so this would be perfect for someone that’s recently had their family member or friend pass away.


The cactus symbolizes endurance and hope. You can give someone a cactus because it’s associated with strength and courage, just like the person receiving this gift. They will know how much you support them through whatever life throws at them, as the cactus flower symbolizes for a strong person.

Conclusion: Many Flowers Symbolize Strength

It’s clear to see that flowers can symbolize so many different things (such as strength). Whether you’re looking for something simple yet strong, or you want to choose a flower that would really cheer someone up, there is sure to be a bouquet of flowers out there with your name on it!

Flowers are the most beautiful creations in nature, and they come in such a wide variety that they can be used to symbolize pretty much anything. So, remember; when in doubt, go for flowers! They’re the perfect gift to surprise someone with.