Why Are There so Many Birds in My Yard?

Waking up to the sound of birdsong is one of the most pleasant ways to greet the day. However, you might be shocked to find hundreds of them outside your home.

Let’s delve into the question, ‘why are there so many birds in my yard?’ for possible reasons why this is so.

Why Are There a Lot of Birds in My Yard?

why are there so many birds in my yard

Birds in gardens and yards are a natural occurrence, and they’re generally beneficial to both plants and homeowners alike. The only exception is when you’re growing fruits and vegetables and the birds ruin your crops.

Birds can act as pollinators for seeds and flowers, and they usually hunt for worms, caterpillars, and similar insects when they stay in your yard. They help your plants grow, spread seeds, and eliminate some of the pests around your garden.

Having a dozen or so birds hanging around your yard all at once may be alarming, but there’s a very good reason for it. Here are several reasons why you might see innumerable birds in your home:

  • Migrating season
  • Food
  • Escaping from a predator

Migrating Season

Hundreds or even thousands of birds might suddenly appear in your house and yard, but there’s no reason to worry- they could simply be migrating.

Innumerable birds on your roof, trees, and the grass is an amazing spectacle, which can be chalked up to mother nature. Every year, millions of birds make the journey to North America, and your home may serve as a temporary stopover.

If this is the case, then you shouldn’t do anything since the birds will be leaving on their own. One way to know if the birds are there to migrate is to check your calendar.

Generally speaking, there are two seasons of migration- fall migration, which occurs from August to October, and spring migration, which occurs from March until May.

There are about 600-plus bird species that make the annual trip to their preferred nesting areas, which means you could see anywhere from red birds to blackbirds on your lawn or garden during these months.

Another way to determine if the birds in your yard are migrating is when they suddenly appear in the morning. Migration often occurs at night when there are fewer predators and the birds can fly freely and with little interruption.

Hunting for Food Sources

why are there so many birds in my yard

Your yard can be a source of many different kinds of food, from insects to worms and even the plants you grow.

Birds will usually go on trees to eat fruits, seeds, or nectar. Some species are attracted to certain types of trees and plants, including daylilies, burning bushes, sunflowers, cranberry bushes, and glossy abelia, among others.

Local birds will usually stop by to see what kind of food they can get around your house. They tend to visit more if you have trees that have seeds or fruit, as well as shrubs that produce berries.

Coincidentally, you can attract more birds to your yard by planting specific trees and plants, as well as installing birdbaths or feeders. Having them around adds to the natural beauty of your landscape, and the birdsong is quite nice to hear too.

Your yard or lawn may have formed puddles of water after a hard rain, which birds enjoy. Also, it’s not unusual for birds to try to set up their nests in your trees, especially if you keep them well-maintained and healthy.

Escaping From a Predator

Birds flying in large groups can mean that they’re protecting themselves against a predator. Aside from having the advantage in terms of numbers they will be able to spot danger easily and escape as necessary.

For birds, trees serve as natural protection against dangers they encounter daily. These creatures may stick around for an hour or two as long as they feel threatened and are unable to move.

Along the way, the birds might forage for food, such as a tasty seed or a succulent treat, like a worm or insect.

If this is the case, then you won’t need to shoo them out of your property. Just wait patiently and the birds will likely be gone after a day or so. You can help them by briefly turning off your yard lights so the birds won’t be as visible to the predators.

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