Which side of a lawnmower blade is up? (Quick Answer)

Question Which Side Of A Lawnmower Blade Is Up?
Answer Cutting Edge Should Face Upwards
More Info 1. Cutting Edge: The sharpened edge of the blade should face the direction of rotation towards the grass. 2. Blade Markings: Many blades have markings indicating the “bottom” or “grass side”. 3. Safety: Installing the blade incorrectly can lead to poor cutting performance and can be a safety hazard.

It’s essential to install a lawnmower blade the right way around; otherwise, you’ll end up with further problems. This article will look at how to tell which way to fit a blade in your lawnmower.

Lawn Mower Blade Basics

Which Side of Lawn Mower Blade is Up

It’s crucial to fit your lawnmower blade correctly. If you insert the blade the wrong way around, this will mean your lawn mower won’t work correctly. It may ‘chew’ up your grass or won’t cut your lawn at all.

Lawnmower blades have an edge that has been specifically designed to cut grass; it has a beveled or angled edge. This edge will be sharp and face the ground. The blade will also have a flat side that doesn’t cut and is dull.

Depending on the blade’s manufacturer, the lawnmower blade may have a stamp or sticker on it to indicate which way is up. This is likely to be a word such as ‘bottom’ or ‘deck,’ ‘this side down,’ or ‘cut grass’ and makes inserting the blade a lot easier. However, not all blades will have this feature. The bottom is the side that faces the ground, and the deck faces the mower. If your lawnmower blade has gone rusty, you may not be able to see the stamp anymore.

The side that faces the mower is called the trailing edge. This generally has an upward arc and has been designed to create a draft to lift grass clippings away. You can also use this curve to identify which way to put your blade into your lawnmower.

Sharpening Your Blades

If you’re removing your lawnmower blade to sharpen it, put a mark on the top side to remind you which way to reinstall the blade. Lawnmower blade edges suffer from wear and tear and need to be sharpened regularly so that they don’t become worn out. It’s crucial to sharpen your blades; otherwise, they will be becoming dull and won’t function correctly when cutting grass. Using dull blades can result in a churned-up lawn.

Find the blades Cutting Edge

The best way to tell which way is up on a lawnmower blade is to decide which is the cutting edge. This edge should be fairly obvious, especially on a new blade, as it will be sharp. The other side will be duller. When inserting the blade, you’ll need to position it so that the cutting edge faces the grass. This will allow the blade to efficiently cut through the grass when you’re using your lawnmower.

There will also be a taper on the blades ends, which should point upwards when the blade is in correctly. It’s essential to be careful when handling blades. This includes removing old blades and inserting new ones. Ensure that your lawn mower is turned off and unplugged before you touch the blade.

Ensure Your Blades are Secure

Once you’ve replaced a lawn mower blade, you’ll need to ensure that it’s secure by carrying out a stress test. This will reduce the likelihood of the blade falling out while you mow your lawn.

Carry out a stress test to see if your lawn mower blade wobbles. Please do this by holding the blade and gently giving it a downwards tug. When the blade has been put in correctly, it shouldn’t wobble.

If your blade wobbles, it’s either incorrectly fitted or in the wrong way. If your blade is the right side up, you should check that it’s sitting correctly on the blade shaft. Use a wrench to tighten the bolt that holds it in place if necessary.

Fitting a blade in different types of lawn mowers

Standard, push along rotary lawn mowers have an obvious ‘up’ and ‘down’ side. Other lawn mowers such as mulching mowers or reel lawnmowers don’t have such a clear indication as to which is the correct way up. Here are some tips to help you fit the blade correctly in different types of lawn mowers.

Mulching Lawnmower

Mulching lawnmowers are popular as they allow homeowners to cut their grass and then collect the grass clippings after cutting to use as mulch. The grass clipping can either be used as a compost or as a fertilizer.

Mulching mowers use a slightly different blade to standard lawn mowers. They usually have a model number, sticker, or stamp on the blade’s bottom, which will face the ground when fitted correctly.

If your blade doesn’t have a stamp, you can identify which side is up by looking at the blade’s sides. Mulching blades have a greater curve on the cutting side, and the pointy end should face upwards.

Reel Lawnmower

Reel lawnmowers have a circular blade that cuts the grass as you push them along. These types of blades roll along like a wheel and don’t have a correct side. In most types of reel lawn mower, the blade can be fitted either way around. You should always check your lawn mowers manual to see if this is the case.

Conclusion:  Which side of the mower blade is up?

It’s vital to ensure that your lawn mowers blade is correctly fitted and is the right way up before you cut your grass. If you try to mow your lawn with a blade that’s in the wrong way, this can damage your grass and your lawn mower.

It can cause structural damage to the lawn mower’s underside, damage to the blade, and reduce the effectiveness of the lawnmower. If you’re unsure about which way to put the blade in, you can look at the manual that came with your lawnmower and inspect the blade.

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