When to Plant Wheat in Missouri? (Find Out Now!)

When should you plant wheat in Missouri? That depends on what your goals are for the harvested grain. There are several types of grain, but the most commonly grown in Missouri is winter wheat. Winter wheat has the potential to overwinter and then produce a grain crop in the spring.

Wheat can be planted in the fall and grow throughout the winter, producing a crop in the spring. Let’s look at when to plant wheat in Missouri?

Planting Winter wheat in Missouri

 When to Plant Winter Wheat in MO

The main reason wheat is planted in Missouri is to produce a grain crop for soil erosion control or a winter cover crop. Before planting wheat, you’ll need to consider your goals and decide on the best type of wheat for the situation. You’ll then be able to determine the correct planting date.

Most people who grow wheat in Missouri plant soft red winter wheat. This is the best variety if your goal is to produce flour for bread or other baked goods.

Wheat can be planted as early as Sep 30th and as late as December 15, but a majority of producers will want to plant at the beginning of October. It’s best to wait until late September to mid-October to plant wheat as Hessian flies are common in Missouri. These flies can quickly infest a wheat crop if planted too early. Most commercial wheat producers in the area wait until the weather gets colder before planting to ensure the insects have died off and won’t be able to lay eggs on the crop.

Planting dates based on area

Winter Wheat Planting Time in Missouri

Planting dates for wheat vary depending on where you live in Missouri. You should also take into account the climate, temperature, and weather conditions before planting.

Northern Missouri

In the far north of Missouri, where the weather is colder, wheat can be planted slightly earlier as there will be no risk of Hessian fly infestation. If you live in the north, you’ll be able to plant your wheat crop between the 30th of September and the 3rd of October.

Mid Northern Missouri

In areas such as Ralls county, Jackson county, and Lincon county, winter wheat crops can be planted between the 3rd and 6th of October.


If you live near the Missouri river in Mid Missouri, your winter wheat planting dates will be slightly later. Its recommended that you plant your crop between the 6th and 10th of October. While if you live between Veron and St. Genevieve, you can plant after the 10th of October.

Southern Missouri

Winter wheat can be planted after the 14th of October.


When planting wheat in Missouri for grain production or soil erosion control, plant in the early to late fall. Winter wheat grows well throughout the winter and can be harvested in the spring. For best results, wait until the weather has started to get colder in the fall before planting. That way, your crop will be less likely to be affected by insect infestations.

Also, consider how many seeds you want to plant per acre. Planting wheat too thick may lead to competition for sunlight and soil nutrients, while planting wheat too thin can lead to weed encroachment.