When to plant Strawberries in Ohio

When to plant Strawberries in Ohio can be confusing for gardeners. The answer depends on your USDA Hardiness Zone. Ohio is located in Hardiness Zone 5a-6, which means that the optimal time to plant strawberries is between March and May.

In this blog post, we will provide planting tips and advice on how to care for your seed stock. We will also answer some common questions about growing strawberries in Ohio!


How to care for strawberry bushes?

When to plant Strawberries in Ohio

Ohio gardeners who are looking to add some delicious strawberries to their landscape should plant between March and May using these planting tips.

Can You Put Down Too Much Seed?

Yes – the more seeds you put down, the closer together the strawberries will be. So it’s important to not over seed your garden as overcrowding will affect fruit production.


Strawberries need the correct nutrients in order to grow. The best way to ensure they are growing in good quality soil is to use a soil test kit that measures nutrient levels. This will allow you to see whether you need to add fertilizer or compost before planting!


Water them once per week during the summer months and twice per month during winter if there hasn’t been any rain. You want to make sure they’re getting enough water but not too much so as not to drown out your plants by flooding with excessive amounts of H20!


Plant them in a spot where there’s plenty of sunlight so they can get enough light for proper growth and development – it will help ripen those delicious berries even faster!


Fertilize plants at least once every two weeks using a fertilizer that’s high in potassium and phosphorous. You can also use compost if you don’t want to buy any special chemicals or additives for your plants!


Prune back dead leaves so they’re not taking nutrients away from other parts of the plant. You can also trim off old, tired looking stems to encourage new growth. Just be careful not to cut too many leaves off at once or you could stunt the plant’s overall growth!


Strawberries come back every year and do not require any special care, but should be planted at least three feet apart so they have enough room to spread out and grow properly. If you plant them too close together, then there won’t be much space between each strawberry bush which will result in smaller fruit production on those plants!


Once you see red strawberries on your plants, it’s time for harvesting!

Strawberries are ready to pick when they have a deep red color and feel firm. Pick them off the plant with one hand while holding onto another part of the vine or branch so as not to break anything else off in this process; then place into a container. Don’t wash them until you’re ready to eat them – they’ll last up to two weeks in the fridge if stored properly!

Can I Plant Strawberries In The Fall in Ohio?

Yes! They do well when planted during this time of year because it gives them enough time to establish themselves in your garden before winter arrives. It’s also important that they have access to sunlight so be sure there are no trees or buildings nearby that will block the sun’s rays.

What are the best varieties of Strawberry to plant in Ohio?

There are many different types of strawberries to choose from, but the most popular varieties for Ohio gardens include:

Earliglow- this variety has big berries that ripen early June through July!

Jewel- this variety has small, sweet berries that are perfect for eating fresh or using in recipes!

Allstar- this variety has medium sized berries that will produce all summer long with a high yield of fruit that ripens June through September.

Honeoye- this variety has large berries that ripen June through July.

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