When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi

Strawberries are popular fruits enjoyed by people of all ages. The good thing is, you can grow strawberries to eat right in your home garden so you won’t have to spend on groceries. In zone 6, you may be wondering when to plant strawberries in Mississippi.

The general rule is this- depending on the weather, you’ll want to plant them once all dangers of frost have passed and when the garden is in a workable state. This is usually in early to mid-spring.

When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi

When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi

Strawberries are cool zone plants, which means they enjoy low temperatures and the occasional frost or two provided that it’s not too cold.

Mississippi is a state that’s classified in the USDA plant hardiness zone as 7 through 9. The temperate climate is conducive for growing strawberries, albeit you’ll probably need to let the winter pass if you want your strawberry plants to grow well.

It’s best to plant your strawberries in early spring so they will be established come next winter. If you’re planning to put them outdoors, wait until there’s no danger of frost so you can get the first harvest early. In Mississippi, growers often plant strawberries in the months of March until May, but the earlier you can do so the better.

It’s worth noting that you can start your strawberries indoors and get them started much earlier than having them outdoors. Put the seeds in containers and germinate once the average nighttime temperature is above 32 degrees F. Then, water and expose to full sunlight so it won’t be leggy or stunted.

In the same manner, you can grow your strawberries in pots and have them stay indoors. You won’t have to wait until spring arrives to get started. Just plant the seed or seedlings and water them in, and place them in a location that gets full sun. In addition, you’ll want to protect your strawberries from the cold and drafts in open windows.

Do Strawberries Grow in Mississippi?

When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruit-bearing plants around, and they’re excellent for beginners and those who want fresh strawberries picked right in their garden.

They aren’t too picky when it comes to the hardiness zone. In the US, strawberries can grow in zones 2 through 10 and can thrive in a range of climates and environments. The general rule is that you shouldn’t expose them to bright afternoon sun nor the freezing temperatures come winter.

Strawberries can grow in MS as it has a hardiness zone range of 7 to 9. If you want greater success you can look for strawberry species that are suited for your zone or state. Also, you’ll have to take care of them for a year or so in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

How to Care for Strawberries in Mississippi

When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi

All strawberry cultivars love getting full sun, with slightly acidic and organically-rich soil.

Look for a location in your yard or garden that gets around 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day, and begin working the soil. You’ll want a well-draining soil and a container or flower bed that does the same so your strawberries won’t get bogged down with too much water.

You can mix compost and organic material to give your strawberries a nice growth boost. Space them 18 inches from each other and make sure that the crown is not buried and is slightly elevated above the soil ground.

Water them well and wait for signs that they’ve established in their new environment. You can also grow strawberries in large containers so you can move them around or overwinter them. Overwintering is the process of bringing the plant inside to keep it from getting cold damage.

When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi: Final thoughts

Strawberries like a consistently moist soil. You can preserve moisture and stop weeds by adding mulch regularly. Water more during its growing season and when the flowers are developing, and less during the cold season.

You can add a well-balanced fertilizer to supplement your strawberry growth. To protect the fruits you can have a row cover or similar material. Lastly, you can grow new plants using seedlings or daughter plants and runners that grow out of your initial strawberry batch.

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