When to plant flowers in Minnesota

The most beautiful and spectacular time in Minnesota is the spring season, when most flowers bloom. Most parts of this state have a cool climate where plants thrive effortlessly. But, timing is essential.

You should note the frost date before planting your flowers. Whether you choose to have one-season flowers or perennials, most flowers die due to frost.

when to plant flowers in Minnesota

Each group of these two types of flowers has its pros and cons; for instance, the one-season flowers cannot withstand frost and harsh winters. They are not deeply rooted on the ground like perennials may withstand bitter coldness.

When to plant flowers in Minnesota

When frost strikes, flowers freeze, their growth is stunted, and eventually, they die. This is why you should know the last date of frost in Minnesota.

The last frost date for Minnesota is around 21st May but goes up to 15th June in some areas in the northern regions of this state. This date can fluctuate and happen earlier or later.

Be patient with annual flowers and plants, or plant them in pots until you are sure the temperatures will not go further. Weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit spells doom for your flowers.

Types of Flowers to Grow In Minnesota


when to plant flowers in Minnesota

Daisies are easy to grow because you do not have to give them much attention. If you plant your daisies in the fall season, plant daisies’ bulbs, and in spring, plant actual daisies.

You can watch your flowers grow and develop into beautiful flowers from there. Daisies flourish in hot weather and make a good choice for your backyard.


when to plant flowers in Minnesota

Asters are an excellent choice if you are looking for long-blooming flowers to add fantastic colors to your indoor space. These flowers bring colors including pink, blue, white, red, and purple.

They make a perfect indoor flower arrangement for your home. They thrive in a shady area, but some little sunshine will not harm them.


Chrysanthemums are also referred to as mums, and they come in vibrant colors, including purple, yellow, and red. There are many types of chrysanthemums, and you can choose the size, shape, and colors you want in your garden.

Their florets are either disc or ray. The ray florets look like petals, and disc florets have a center button. All types of chrysanthemums flourish in full bloom throughout summer and even in part of the fall season.


Coneflowers are native flowers from North America, and they belong to the daisy family. Butterflies and songbirds love coneflowers, so you should expect such visitors within your flower garden.

Once they are fully established, coneflowers can withstand the summer heat and survive throughout the season. Above all, they are deer resistant and can keep these animals away from your home.

Day Lily

Dailies should be your top choice if you look forward to growing perennial flowers in Minnesota. They thrive in shady and sunny environments. These flowers need some maintenance, but they are worth every effort as they bring plenty of color to your garden.

Day lily’s bloom lasts for a few weeks; it has multiple flower buds on each flower stem.


Hostas are reliable for indoor spaces and shady gardens. They add beautiful lush foliage to your spaces effortlessly. With more than 2,000 hosta varieties, you can choose the leaf shape, texture, and size you want.

The best thing about these flowers is that they do not require much care. After you plant them, just make sure you water and they will thrive.


Peonies are perennials with an incredibly nice fragrance. They also have delightful blooms that are visually appealing. Their foliage is vibrant, and if you mix several peonies species, your garden will always have colorful blooms because each type blooms at different times.

You can also categorize your flowers by including early, mid-season, and late-blooming varieties.

When to plant flowers in Minnesota: Conclusion

Many homeowners in Minnesota grow flowers as a hobby to add aesthetics to their properties. Flowers are beautiful and change how your outdoor area looks, especially when the flowers start blooming.

As long as you plant your flowers at the right time in Minnesota, they will flourish, relieve your stress and give you a chance to exercise through gardening. Fruit trees also do well in Minnesota.

Besides, a family that loves gardening spends quality time together doing something they enjoy.

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