Minnesota Fruit Trees: What fruit trees grow well in Minnesota

Growing fruits in a state with a short growing season and harsh winter like that of Minnesota can be challenging. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t grow fruit trees here altogether.

If you live in Minnesota and are considering some fruit-bearing trees or shrubs, the trick is to select fruit trees that are hardy enough to withstand the harsh Minnesota climate.

While planting, keep in mind that fruit trees are, for the most part, perennials, meaning they may require more commitment than, say, vegetables. Further, gardeners need to understand that any fruit tree grown outside of its preferred environment will struggle. So, be ready to provide the extensive care your fruit-bearing plants may require.

Minnesota Fruit Trees

Read on to find fruit trees that will grow well in Minnesota and give you a bounty of produce.

1. Apple trees

Minnesota Fruit Trees

Apples are popular in Minnesota and make for an excellent option for beginner gardeners. They are the easiest fruit to grow here because they grow in a range of soil conditions, don’t necessarily need fertilizer, and require little pruning if any. What’s more, apple trees can produce flowers and eventually fruits even when there is frost late into the spring.

Importantly, apples are pollinated by insects like bees and flies and usually require pollen from a different apple to grow fruit. For this reason, it is a good idea to plant varieties.

Crabapples are good pollinators for apple trees, so you are good to go if you have any in your neighborhood.

2. Plum trees

Minnesota Fruit Trees

Several varieties of plum trees, including Alderman, Underwood, Superior, La Crescent, and Pipestone, are considered hardy enough to tolerate the harsh Minnesota climate. The best variety for you will depend on where you live.

Like apples, plum trees need a couple of varieties of pollinators to successfully produce fruits.

Some plum trees provide ornamental value, which can be a double win if they grow in your location.

3. Pear trees

Minnesota Fruit Trees

Pear trees are another group of fruit-bearing trees that will do well in Minnesota coldness. These plants are not only cold-hardy but can also endure drought, high heat, and humidity, which makes them ideal for most gardens, no matter the amount of heat they receive.

In Minnesota, you will not suffer disappointments if you plant golden spice, parker, patten, luscious, gourmet, or summer crisp.

As with most plants that thrive in heat and cold, pear trees can struggle with wet conditions.

4. Cherry trees

Minnesota Fruit Trees

Cherries are great fruit trees that won’t disappoint when grown in Minnesota. They produce one of the largest harvests of all fruits grown in Minnesota. Even better, they are excellent cross pollinators, so they may cause other fruit-bearing trees to do better.

Cherry plants can quickly die when planted in wet sites or winter gets too cold.

The best varieties to grow in Minnesota include Northstar, Mesabi, and Meteor; all these are self-compatible.

5. Peach tree

Minnesota Fruit Trees

While peach trees are generally not good at tolerating cold weather, there are a few varieties of peaches that can thrive in Minnesota’s cold weather. They mature relatively quickly, and many will produce fruits within 1 to 2 years after planting.

For Minnesota, some of the varieties that do well here are Elberta, majestic, hardy, red haven, and scarlet prince.

The good thing about growing peaches is that they are self-fertile, so you don’t necessarily need to plant many varieties.

6. Apricot trees

Minnesota Fruit Trees

If you want an ornamental fruit-bearing tree, you can’t go wrong with apricots. Apricots bloom in early spring and eventually produce plenty of yellow fruits.

For Minnesota residents, Moongold and Sungold apricots are considered hardy enough to grow here. However, because none of these varieties is self-fertilizing, you need to plant them two varieties if you need the fruits. Moongold fruits are slightly larger with a golden tone, while Sungold fruits have a mild flavor and a red blush.

Minnesota Fruit Trees: Conclusion

Obviously, the fruit trees you can grow in Minnesota are not going to be the same as the fruit trees you can grow in Hawaii.

Minnesota is famous for its harsh winter. Even so, this doesn’t make gardening impossible. For Minnesota residents, there are many fruit-bearing trees that grow here and keep you from supermarket shelves. All you need is to pick hardy varieties and plant them at the right time.

Fruit trees are perennial and will keep giving you fruits for years.

When selecting varieties to plant, remember that most fruits are not self-compatible. So, make sure to mix if you want to get fruits.

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