8 Great Kaleidoscope Abelia Companion Plants

What plants grow well with a Kaleidoscope Abelia? That is the question everyone is asking. This particular variety of abelia has a unique color pattern that some find appealing. Combined with the fact that it has a faster growth rate than some abelia makes it even more desirable. There are many plants that grow well with this plant, but what are some of the best?

Kaleidoscope Abelia Care

Kaleidoscope Abelia

But first, what conditions does this type of abelia need to grow the best? Like many other varieties of abelias, the Kaleidoscope Abelia needs moist, acidic soil. That means that if you are planting it in your landscape, be sure to plant it in an area that drains well. Kaleidoscope Abelia does not like wet feet. The soil should be loamy and rich in organic material. Kaleidoscope Abelia grows well in the shade. The leaves will turn yellow if it is not receiving enough light.


So, what are Kaleidoscope Abelia companion plants?

1. Maiden Grass

Kaleidoscope Abelia

Maiden grass is a beautiful ornamental grass that grows in clumps and has beautiful green foliage. It makes a wonderful backdrop for Kaleidoscope Abelia. The combination is stunning! Both plants are used to moist, acidic soil so they both fit right in together. They will not crowd each other, so both will grow well.

2. Barberry

Barberry is a wonderful ground cover that helps to keep weeds at bay. It has thorns, so it will give the Kaleidoscope Abelia some protection from foraging animals. The two together make a beautiful combination, but the best part is that they both like moist, acidic soil. Once you have planted both your Kaleidoscope Abelia and your barberry, all you need to do is water them in well. The barberry will spread slowly to form a nice ground cover.

3. Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile is a flowering plant that will give your Kaleidoscope Abelia some color. They are great companion plants because they both like moist, acidic soil. If you plant both together, remember that the lily will spread slowly and may need some help to keep it in check.

4. Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly bamboo is a great companion plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. This is because it likes moist soil and tolerates partial shade. Heavenly bamboo is a fast growing plant that will provide some screening for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. It also has the added benefit of being an evergreen, so it will bring year round interest to your landscape. Be careful not to plant it too close to the Kaleidoscope Abelia, as it can outgrow the plant.

5. Pittosporum

Pittosporum is a great companion plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. This is because it is another evergreen plant that likes moist, acidic soil. It does well as a large shrub or as a small tree. Pittosporum also has the added benefit of having beautiful green foliage and clusters of white flowers. This makes it another beautiful companion plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. Just like with the heavenly bamboo, watch your pittosporum because it can outgrow your Kaleidoscope Abelia if you plant them too close.

6. Berggarten Sage

Berggarten sage is a beautiful ornamental plant. It has beautiful purple flowers and periwinkle colored foliage, so it will add color to your Kaleidoscope Abelia. Your berggarten sage will enjoy the same growing conditions as your Kaleidoscope Abelia, so they can be planted together with no worries. Just remember, they do have a strong smell so keep them at least 6 feet away from your house or any areas you like to sit and relax.

7. Catmint

Catmint is a beautiful flowering plant that has small purple flowers and lavender foliage. This makes it a great companion plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. This is because both plants enjoy moist, acidic soil and full or partial shade. Just like with the Kaleidoscope Abelia though, the catmint will spread slowly so you need to be careful how close it is planted to the Kaleidoscope Abelia.

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8. Snow White Indian Hawthorne

Snow White Indian Hawthorne is a wonderful plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia. This is because it likes moist, acidic soil and will thrive under the shade of your Kaleidoscope Abelia. Once they are planted together, their flowers will provide you with white blooms in the springtime.

Kaleidoscope Abelia companion plants: Conclusion

Kaleidoscope abelia makes a wonderful companion plant for many of your different trees, shrubs and flowers. It is also easy to care for which just makes it an all around great addition to your landscape. So if you are looking for a companion plant for your Kaleidoscope Abelia, remember that barberry, lily of the Nile, heavenly bamboo, pittosporum and berggarten sage are all great choices.

You should also consider planting catmint, snow white Indian hawthorne and your Kaleidoscope Abelia together to add some color and fragrance to your yard.